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Latest Trends for an Inspiring Bat or Bar Mitzvah Party — Think Custom Food Trucks, Swag Essentials, and More

Photographer: Romy Modlin Photography

By Jessica Terson, Writer

A spectacular celebration never goes out of style. We’ve talked to some of the top event professionals to find out what’s hotter than hot this year. Expect to see more lavish dessert displays, innovative entertainment, and other captivating trends as the year proceeds. From late-night food trucks to pop-up swag shops, we’ve found plenty of new and inspiring ways to make your Bat or Bar Mitzvah celebration the talk of the town.

1) Fringe Isn't Just for Fashion

fringe-covered dance elevations
photographer: Romy Modlin Photography

Romy Modlin Photography beautifully captured this glam Bat Mitzvah at Morgan Manufacturing, which HMR Designs decorated with fringe-covered dance elevations. Romy tells us, “Guests enjoyed dancing and interacting with the sensory experience of the fringe.” We especially love how Designer Event Chicago planned for this unique décor to double as a photobooth for the Bat Mitzvah girl and her friends — when Flow Entertainment, Inc didn’t have them on the dance floor, that is.

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2) Socially-Conscious Teens Are Considering the Environment

environmentally friendly catering items
photo courtesy of Circles of Life

A love for the environment never goes out of fashion. Alison Ross Events tells us, “I’ve noticed a growing interest in sustainability, especially with catering — with a move toward using natural materials like bamboo plates and cutting down on waste. We’ve also ordered plantable seed paper yarmulkes, encouraging people to ‘go green’ when celebrating life and all its special events.”

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3) The Hottest Hue is the Newest Hue

rainbow question mark
photo created in Canva

Eventure/Debbie Tucker tells us how she loves to explore and incorporate new trends. What could be more in vogue than “Living Coral,” the PANTONE 2019 color of the year? While we love an interesting or out-of-the-box theme, sometimes all it takes is the right color to tie a celebration together.” The next “hot” hue will be announced by PANTONE in early January 2020. 

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4) Food Courts Please Picky Palates

dinner menu
photographer: Kari Otero

Adults weren’t the only foodies at this expert-catered Bar Mitzvah. Florie Huppert Design teamed with caterer Thomas Preti Events to Savor to create an interactive food court. Florie tells us how “The options are limitless if you’re working with a creative caterer and can incorporate loads of interesting choices, from Korean to Greek.” A food court also allows your event designer “to design and brand the food stations in a unique way for each event — incorporating the colors, logos, and design.” Kari Otero Photography had no trouble capturing every interactive bite, including a donut conveyer belt which was lit up by Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging, Inc.. Total Entertainment and Shake and Share Media brought more fun to the Hudson Mercantile, with music and activities for guests to enjoy between bites.

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5) Food Trucks Add An Element of Fun

cheesie's food truck
photo courtesy of The Cheesie's Truck

It’s not unusual to get a little hungry after a long night of dancing. Luckily, food trucks are becoming increasingly popular. Tracy Fisher from Tracy Fisher Events tells us, “These are usually saved for the end of the night for guests to have a late-night snack as they leave. From grilled cheese to donuts and anything in between, the food trucks make you feel like you’re leaving a club in Manhattan or Miami.”

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6) An Intimate Family Shabbat Dinner Connects Generations

shabbat dinner
photo courtesy of Canva

While Bar and Bat Mitzvahs often feature spectacular celebrations, it’s the Jewish traditions that infuse the day with so much meaning. Andrea Adelstein of NYLUX Events tells us that Friday Night Shabbat dinners are gaining importance. “Especially when families have lots of guests from out of town, the Friday night dinner event has become the kick-off for the weekend.”

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7) Creative Theming Extends to the menu

hockey puck centerpieces
photographer: Cobalt Photos

One of the newest catering trends is themed food, customized to reflect the child’s personality and the celebration’s design. These Ding Dong hockey pucks by Catered by Design do just that. We especially love how they are color-coordinated to match the surrounding décor.

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8) Dessert Tables are being replaced by treat Shops

treat shop mitzvah
photographer: Otero+Seclen Photography

NYLUX Events knows that “Desserts are more important than ever…with clients seeking out the newest and most over the top dessert stations for both kids and adults.” We love how Otero+Seclen Photography captured the old-school candy store set up at this “I Love Lucy” Bat Mitzvah, which took place at Tribeca 360. An adjacent ice-cream shop with adornments from Kleifield Design & Associates, Inc. and Sterling Fell made this Bat Mitzvah as sweet as we could ever imagine.

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9) Fast Food Desserts are a real treat

mcdonalds mcflurry's
photographer: North Shore Photography

As much as we love innovative catering, sometimes we just want to indulge in good old-fashioned treats. We love the simplicity of these delicious McFlurries at this love-inspired Bat Mitzvah. Eventure/Debbie Tucker took the opportunity to creatively incorporate the McDonald’s slogan for some extra-special thematic branding. Thanks to North Shore Photography, it’s clear the sweet treats went perfectly with FreeLance Studios‘s eye-catching and colorful décor.

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10) Late Night Grab ‘n Go Food Items Keep Guests Happy Even after the Party

cups of take-home cookie dough
photographer: Tell Draper Photography

Partie Girl/Tracie Simkin tells us, “Another fun trend is to provide a late-night snack for guests to ‘Grab & Go’ when leaving the event.” At this love-inspired Bat Mitzvah, Partie Girl brought in logo’d cups of take-home cookie dough. This trendy treat, along with other picture-perfect dessert displays captured by Tell Draper Photography, made the event a satiating experience from start to finish. The Park West was filled with on-trend décor from Kehoe Designs, and more matching pink desserts from Catering By Michaels to compliment the fun favors, which guests received once the final song was played by The Gold Coast All Stars.

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11) Make a Scene with a Big Dessert Reveal

colorful dessert stand
photographer: Connor Studios

Kaitlyn Hostetler of Evoke Design & Creative knows that “Everyone is counting down the minutes to dessert — so make the most of it, and do an incredible dessert reveal.” We can’t imagine a sweeter way to introduce dessert than this bow-wrapped display from Bella Christie. The colorful treats photographed by CONNOR STUDIOS perfectly matched the balloon installation and uplighting from Event Revolution at this effervescent Bat Mitzvah, which took place at the InterContinental Washington D.C. – The Wharf.

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12) Do It for the 'Gram-worthy Themes

customized instagram theme center piece
photographer: North Shore Photography

If it’s not on Instagram, did it really happen? Eventure/Debbie Tucker brought social media integration and customization to this InstaAlex Bat Mitzvah. Without a doubt, the Bat Mitzvah girl had plenty of gorgeous new photos from North Shore Photography to add to her Instagram account. Décor from Epic Events transformed Pinstripes Northbrook into the perfect photo backdrop for the young party goers to add to their feeds. 

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13) #Personalized Fun with Clever Signage

personalized signs
photographer: Tell Draper Photography

Partie Girl/ Tracie Simkin mastered the art of the hashtag at this social media-savvy Bat Mitzvah. We especially love how guests could nibble on their favorite emojis with perfectly- themed sugar cookies. Tell Draper Photography captured every millennial-inspired detail that Kehoe Designs brought to life for the fun loving affair. 

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14) Logo'd Wearable Items Replace Oversized Candy as Prizes

personalized clothing
photographer: Tell Draper Photography

According to Partie Girl/Tracie Simkin, “It’s all about the ‘SWAG’ these days.” At this Love-Inspired  Bat Mitzvah, logo’d items were perfectly on-theme. We love how these items doubled as wearable party décor and memorable keepsakes. Tell Draper Photography‘s images showcase the party’s attention to detail, as each favor perfectly matched the décor that Kehoe Designs used to transform The Park West into a pink paradise. 

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15) Pop-Up Shops are Popping Up at Bar & Bat Mitzvah Parties

party favor store
photographer: Domino Arts Photography

Chris Weinberg Events uses pop-up shops “ to take party favors to the next level.” Instead of being handed the traditional goody bag at the end of the night, guests “have an interactive experience where they can choose between different colors and item designs.” At this sports-themed Bar Mitzvah, Domino Arts Photography captured an uplit pop-up shop made for an entertaining stop between spins on the dance floor with Rock With U. Decked out by Gilded Group Décor, The Fillmore Miami Beach was the perfect venue to hold the events’ many elements, with space for dancing, dining and more.

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16) Guests can Swag Shop 'till they drop

personalized mitzvah presents
photographer: Romy Modlin Photography

According to Romy Modlin Photography, swag counters are more popular than ever. “In addition to the giveaway with a child’s logo at the end of the event, there is a swag station where guests can pick out their own swag. Usually it will have the branding of the Mitzvah girl or boy.” We especially love some of the unique favors gifted at this chic Chicago Bat Mitzvah at Morgan Manufacturing. Designer Event Chicago left no detail unturned, coordinating the giveaways with the event’s cursive “e” logo and pink décor palette from HMR Designs

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17) Booths Are Turning Out more than Photos

photo booth print outs
photographer: Romy Modlin Photography

What’s even better than a selfie-station that prints out photographs? We are obsessed with these selfie-printed pop socket favors. At this gorgeous Bat Mitzvah planned by Designer Event Chicago, Romy Modlin Photography captured these beautiful take-home gifts that guests will cherish with every phone call.

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18) Entertainment has gone past interactive into immersive

immersive entertainment
photographer: Romy Modlin Photography

All the tricks were pulled out at this Halloween Bar Mitzvah planned by Jamie Boton, Inc.. Romy Modlin Photography captured Loft 21 turned an interactive haunted house, where actors jumped out and spooked guests. The elaborate costume designs, paired with syringe drinks and eerie décor from Kehoe Designs, were so good they gave us chills. 

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19) Performers are popping up in unexpected places

performing mitzvah entertainment
photographer: Connor Studios

Evoke Design & Studio reminds us to “wow your guests from the start.” Guests at this stunning Bat Mitzvah loved handing over their coats with this interactive, real-life coat check from Tryon Entertainment. Photos from CONNOR STUDIOS show the InterContinental Washington D.C. – The Wharf transformed into a modern pink playground for tweens — and their parents. 

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20) Virtual Reality offers limitless experiences

virtual reality station
photo courtesy of The Event Of A Lifetime, Inc.

Plenty of sensational Bar and Bat Mitzvah activities take place at Apella in New York, including virtual reality (VR) stations. According to Director of Events & Marketing Rachel Huber, “The VR stations range from roller coasters to surfing in the Pacific.” With VR entertainment, there’s no limit to the imagination.

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21) Low-Tech Games are re-emerging Just as Screen Use is at an All-Time High

glow in the dark games
photographer: Otero+Seclen Photography

Low tech games — and Otero+Seclen Photography‘s photos — prove that kids don’t have to be glued to their cellphones. NYLUX Events tells us that “Low tech games are having a comeback. Families are excited again about fun games like corn hole, shuffleboard, and ping pong.” This graffiti-inspired Bar Mitzvah at The Lighthouse matched old-fashioned entertainment with metal invitations, eye-catching florals from Sterling Fell, and industrial lighting for a dynamic blend of past and future.

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22) Street Parkour is off the streets & into ballrooms & party venues

mitzvah entertainment
photographer: André Maier Photography

Street Parkour came to life at this lavish Bar Mitzvah designed by Ed Libby & Company and planned by Kraft Events. Jennifer Kraft shares how the “Mitzvah boy was into ‘street’ Parkour, so we sent him down to DC to learn a bit with the professionals pre-event, then hired the pros to perform.” The Bar Mitzvah boy’s grand entrance, captured by André Maier Photography was extra special, as it followed the end of a sensational Parkour performance at Hoop Heaven in New York City.

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23) Pop Culture Inspires Trendy "Car-ayoke"

personalized car at mitzvah
photographer: Hechler Photographers

Carolyn Bender of Carolyn Bender Events tells us that “Kids and families want to customize and/or recreate the hottest trends in pop culture.” What could be more popular than “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden from The Late Late Show? This B’nai Mitzvah celebration photographed by Hechler Photographers wowed guests with some car-ayoke of its very own — along with beautiful florals from Spina and energizing tunes from Total Entertainment.

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24) Feather Drops offer a Mid-Dance Surprise

feathers falling from the ceiling
photographer: Geoff Chesman

We’ve all seen a confetti drop, but this “mid-dance surprise with a feather drop from the ceiling” by Jodi Moraru of Evoke Design & Creative and John Farr Lighting Design blew us away. We love how the feathers glimmered against the ethereal uplighting at this lively celebration.

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25) Dessert Delivery Keeps Guests on the Dance Floor

rainbow cupcakes
photo courtesy of Apella

Sometimes we’re torn between dancing the night away and indulging in a snack break. Luckily for guests, now they don’t have to choose. Rachel Huber, the Director of Events & Marketing at Apella, often sees mini sweet treats served on the dance floor — and frankly, we couldn’t be happier. 

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26) Clever branding includes Plays on Words

personalized water bottles
photo courtesy of Adam Leffel Productions

Custom branding is a fun and creative way to honor the Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrant. Adam Leffel Productions tells us how it’s a way, “to make the event theirs.” Branding often shows up on swag and party favors such as these clever water bottles. “Entendres and innuendos abound — plays on names and words enhance the party atmosphere and make it more fun!”

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27) Supportive Mirror Messaging Turns Bathroom Breaks Into Pep Talks

bathroom decor
photographer: Romy Modlin Photography

Event planner Designer Event Chicago knows an uplifting message is always appreciated. At this elegant Bat Mitzvah, Romy Modlin Photography captured these inspiring bathroom mirror decals from HMR Designs. Beaded crystals and amber lighting added an additional heart-warming touch to Morgan Manufacturing.

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28) More & More creative use of Initials

personalized ice sculpture
photographer: Chris Herder Photography

Elvira Gau, Co-Owner/Creative Director of SPACE EVENTS, hosts three to four celebrations per weekend — so, of course, she’s seen it all. One of the newest (and coolest) trends is to use the Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s name in a creative way. A logo’d ice sculpture photographed by Chris Herder Photography at this rose-themed Bat Mitzvah proved that sometimes a rose by any other name just can’t compete.

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