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Lovepop Wedding Invitations: Paper Art that Tells Your Story

At PartySlate, we value the thoughtful design that leads to memorable events — and all of that begins with the invitation. A wedding invitation is a stage-setter, the precursor to a wonderful celebration. It sets the tone and is a perfect opportunity to express not only your personality as a couple, but the style of your upcoming nuptials. We adore Lovepop invitations for their ability to elevate paper to art.

Lovepop was launched in 2014 by two naval architects, Wombi Rose and John Wise, who had recently discovered the Asian art of kirigami. Like origami, paper is folded a certain way but with kirigami, that paper is then cut and opened to reveal a delightful, intricate composition. Think the hand-cut snowflakes of your youth but with more sublime design.

Rose and Wise quickly realized that the 3D modeling software they used to construct ship plans could be combined with sliceform (a method of fitting cut pieces of paper together held by grooves) to create unique paper arts. They invented an art-meets-science hybrid they named “slicegami” that helped them quickly bring their creations to life — a process that took far less time than building a ship!

Rose and Wise began creating cards to house their slicegami creations and it was the astounded reaction of their family and friends upon receiving them that encouraged them to bring their creations to the public. That moment — the one where you open one of their cards and an astounding paper sculpture rises to greet you — is why we think Lovepop is special. It’s unexpected and the card immediately becomes a keepsake and every time the recipient looks at the card again, another moment is created.

When it comes to weddings, the challenge is in choosing invitations that create a feeling. You want your future guests to get excited about sharing that special day with you by sharing hints of what that day might hold. Your invitation should match the level of formality of your event and the color scheme; it should express your shared story — maybe where you and your future spouse met or a moment that’s important to you or the spot you’re choosing to wed — and it should capture your personalities. It’s a lot to ask of a piece of paper.

We appreciate the skill level of Lovepop’s Wedding Concierges who will walk you through their large library of design elements to help you choose the perfect combination that tells your unique story. Maybe it’s a city scene because you met in the Big Apple or a beach because you plan to wed at the edge of the ocean or a chuppah in a nod to your religion. It becomes a mini version of your big day.

Lovepop uses classic, premium white paper, a blank slate on which to create your wedding suite. In addition to design guidance, the concierges can also advise on wording, etiquette and all of the other important (but tough to navigate) little details. Lovepop combines a boutique experience with an e-commerce model, leveraging the best of each to create customization with practicality. Get inspired by their online samples then work personally with a concierge when you’re ready to get started making a first impression that’s a lasting one.


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