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8 Malibu Venues for Your Chic Rustic Event

Malibu Rocky Oaks Estates Vineyards

Malibu plays host to some of the most exclusive and sought-after venues in the world. With infinity pools, expansive views of the hills and wine beyond compare, the luxurious aura is unmistakable. We love the beautiful rustic glam trend Malibu is setting with wooden accents, forested exteriors and outdoor chandeliers. Take a look at our top picks for stunning Malibu venues.  

Cielo Farms

Photographer: Jenny Quicksall

Cielo Farms was created by two people in love…and we can tell. From the cozy stone barn to the intimacy the olive trees create, everything about this stunning family-owned vineyard is intimate and beautiful. They are best known for their captivating vistas of the Malibu Hills and Santa Monica Mountains. This boho/shabby chic Malibu venue is perfect for a wedding or birthday party and is sure to make anyone’s Instagram followers jealous.


Barn Capacity: 200 (seated) – 200 (standing)


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Calamigos Ranch

Marie Buck Photography

Stepping onto the grounds of Calamigos Ranch is like stepping onto another planet. The hidden waterfalls, natural flowered arches and exposed beams give this venue a subtle elegance that is one-of-a-kind. The vintage ferris wheel on the lawn gives this venue something special and gives the space a fun vibe. Being some of the first pioneers to discover Malibu’s potential, they know how to frame nature in order to highlight your company celebration or wedding.


Capacity: 75 (seated) – 500 (standing) depending on location

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Triunfo Creek Vineyards

Brian Leahy Photography

Expansive green landscapes, fairy lights and light wooden wine barrels are all qualities that make up the allure of Triunfo Creek Vineyards. The rolling hills of the vineyard set a graceful tone for any event at this space. Sitting on the property is a gorgeous white house that perfectly matches the aesthetic of the location and adds to the intimacy to this expansive piece of land. This romantic setting is perfect for a wedding or get-together.


Capacity: 150 (seated) – 400 (standing) 

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Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards

Photographer: Dmitry Shumanev

This massive estate is has a polished aesthetic with a light stone exterior and striking views of infinity pools overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains. The interior provides an abundance of natural light with floor to ceiling windows and the balconies give this venue an extravagant feel. Your wedding or celebration is bound to have the smell of wine in the air here at Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards.


Capacity: 250 (seated) – 400 (standing) 

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The 1909

Photographer: Susie and Will

Located in the beautiful wooded lands of Malibu, The 1909 offers an awe-inspiring amphitheater to host your soirée along with with a manicured green meadow. Their exterior expertly frames their indoor spots for intimate wooded views. With clean lines and minimal decor, the indoors flows outside — making nature an integral part of every celebration. If you are looking to host an unforgettable rustic event, this is the space for you.  


Amphitheater Capacity: 120 (seated) – 150 (standing) 

Meadow Capacity: 120 (seated) – 150 (standing) 

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Saddlerock Ranch & Vineyard

Photographer: Sargeant Creative

Oak trees, manicured lawns and a thousand acres of rolling hills…does it get any better? This rural farm provides not just a venue but a special feeling to go alongside the striking views. Imagine vast outdoor spaces outfitted with chandeliers, drapery and comfy couches on the lawn…truly irresistible. This outdoor venue truly cultivates the picture perfect wedding night with rose gardens, exotic animals and rustic charm.

Capacity: 100 (seated)  – 500 (standing) depending on location 

Stone Manor Estate

Amy & Stuart Photography

This elegant Malibu venue takes everything to the next level, from the waterfalls at the stone pool to the perfectly-framed ocean views. The beautiful cushioned furniture will make any event feel elegant and chic. With an abundance of fairy lights lining the perimeters, the spot is guaranteed to be the setting for evenings full of joy, laughter and lasting memories.

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