PartySlate Master Class: The Art of Building Connections and Growing Your Network

With events continuing to be postponed due to COVID-19, building connections and virtually expanding your network is more important than ever. PartySlate offers event professionals a unique platform to showcase their work, build their brand, and drive new leads. Moreover, PartySlate creates powerful opportunities to connect with other event professionals — as well as a networked-crediting system with clear attribution.

On Tuesday, September 8, PartySlate CEO and Co-Founder Julie Roth Novack joined Director of Product Chhavi Tiwari and B2B Marketing Manager Nicole Deberry for an abbreviated PartySlate Master Class. The team discussed how event professionals can optimize their PartySlate profile to build connections and grow their network — in addition to providing a live demo and Q/A. The Master Class included information on:

  • PartySlate’s Founding Story
  • How PartySlate works and profile best practices
  • Uploading and crediting event companies
  • Pro Connection profile feature
  • Add Connections profile feature

PartySlate is here to help you optimize your PartySlate profile — as well as strengthen your business connections. If you’re interested in receiving a copy of today’s deck or a PartySlate profile review, please email us.

You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording in YouTube.