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PartySlate Panel: Coalition Leaders Share the State of the Event Industry

As COVID-19 continues to impact the world — and the event industry, local event coalitions are joining city, county, and state governments to create clear guidelines on how to safely reopen events. These coalitions will ensure that the event community is part of the re-opening process, with a voice in educating and advocating for any government decisions that directly or indirectly affect the industry. 

On Tuesday, July 7, CEO and Co-Founder of PartySlate Julie Roth Novack sat down with a panel of coalition leaders to discuss how the event industry can responsibly produce events in compliance with local governments — and also ensure the safety of both guests and staff. Julie was joined by:

The contributors introduced themselves, sharing how they became involved in these important industry-advocacy efforts. They went on to discuss the state of the industry by location — along with the goals and progress of the coalition. Additionally, they illuminated some of the roadblocks companies are facing during this unprecedented time. 

Concluding the discussion, the panel offered advice on how other event professionals can get involved in advocating for the event industry — be it educating clients on safety precautions and procedures, lobbying local government, or engaging with local press in creative ways.

PartySlate is here to help you connect with a local coalition, as well as find additional resources on advocating for the industry.  If you are interested in receiving today’s resource guide, please email us at

You can watch the full digital event recording below, or open the recording with YouTube.