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PartySlate Fireside Chat: David Tutera on Building a Brand

Celebrity wedding and event planner David Tutera of David Tutera Planning and Design is known throughout the world for his spectacular events and interactive experiences. He’s also an internationally acclaimed speaker and event planning mentor. On Tuesday, August 4, CEO and Co-Founder of PartySlate Julie Roth Novack sat down with David Tutera to discuss everything from creating a lifestyle brand to his new mentoring program and how he is adapting during this new era.

Julie first asked David about his founding story and he shared the unique way he entered the industry (hint: there are singing telegrams and store window designs involved). He noted how each stage of his career has been marked by “saying yes” to trying to new things and being willing to learn as he went. David also expressed gratefulness even for his failures or for the moments he needed to take a step back and reframe what he wanted his business to look like. For example, he shared his experience of going from acting as the in-house floral team for just about every big-name NYC hotel to scaling back to his roots to grow in the right direction to where he his now — curating large events on a global scale.

The author of seven books and fixture on television, noted that he was not an “overnight success.” He grew his business city-by-city, client-by-client, learning along the way. Answering questions from attendees, David shared advice for other event professionals, offering hope and valuable insight about managing challenges (including COVID-19), finding inspiration, and preventing burn-out.

As the fireside chat concluded, Julie introduced listeners to PartySlate’s #CelebrateSoon campaign, where party hosts and event professionals share what they’re most looking forward to celebrating. After all, events may be postponed, but they will certainly continue — and they will be more beautiful and meaningful than ever.

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You can watch the full digital event recording below or open the recording in YouTube.