Glamorous, Lively Wedding at the Four Seasons Chicago
photographer: KingenSmith | planner: Hope Weis Consulting | décor: HMR Designs | venue: Four Seasons Hotel Chicago
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5 Couples With Postponed Weddings Get Virtual Surprise from Their Wedding Band

Glamorous, Lively Wedding at the Four Seasons Chicago

For couples forced to postpone their wedding due to COVID-19, it is a time of uncertainty and disappointment. Having worked closely so many couples, Ken Arlen of Arlen Music Productions knew his clients were watching their meticulous plans disintegrate with heavy hearts. He faced many tough conversations with couples and their families as dates were postponed and then postponed again — with weddings now being pushed back to as far this time next year. 

“When we meet with people, we really bond and get to know each other,” Ken shares, as couples meet with their band for detailed planning sessions many months before the actual wedding date. “It’s an intimate thing to plan the soundtrack for special moments,” he tells us. “To have that connection, and then something so crazy happens — you can’t help but want to honor it in some way. Music is a powerful thing.”

Wanting to alleviate some of the heartbreak facing couples, Arlen Music Productions and musicians from their various bands began performing online musical tributes for their clients. Each video was posted on the day that the wedding was supposed to occur — both to honor that date and let the couple know that their band was thinking of them. In one dedication, Lloyd Snyder of Evolution Orchestra creates a special version of “Fields of Gold” by Sting. In another video, Heidie Malnassy of Velocity sends her love to all of Arlen Music Productions’ clients with a moving tribute that “has first dance written all over it.”

For Arlen Music Productions, it’s about spreading the love and easing some of the heartache that comes with watching your wedding date come and go. Knowing the immense disappointment that couples are experiencing, Ken hopes to shine a light in this “uncertain darkness.” Here are five heartwarming performances from five incredible bands. Celebrations may be postponed, but love — and beautiful music — will get us through this trying time. And when weddings are back in full swing, we plan to have our dance moves ready.

Ria and Trent’s wedding may be postponed until November, but they can enjoy a sneak peak of music for their first dance. Sonya Major of the band Indigo performs “Love You for a Long Time” by Maggie Rogers. 

While Jennifer and Rick await their new wedding date, they can still listen to music from what will be their first dance. David Sherman from Front of House performs “This Is It” by Scotty McCreery.

Evolution Orchestra cannot wait to celebrate with Carrie and Greg on their wedding day. In the meantime, Lloyd Snyder performs “Fields of Gold” by Sting.

Carly and Jeff saw that Arlen Music Productions had been posting online musical tributes, so they reached out to Entourage bandleader Leslie Hunt for a rendition of their first-dance song. Their original wedding date of May 9th arrived, and the couple lovingly danced to “Roll with Me” by Davie, as performed by Leslie Hunt & Jerome Matthews Jr.

In honor of all the Arlen Music Production couples who have had to postpone their wedding, Heidie Malnassy of Velocity performs “Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgraves.