European Wax Center launch with massage table beneath upended wax cup overflowing with purple flowers | PartySlate
photo courtesy of, design & floral: Siblana Events
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How to Plan a Product Launch Event in 10 Easy Steps

European Wax Center launch with massage table beneath upended wax cup overflowing with purple flowers | PartySlate

A product launch event is an essential marketing tool for any company introducing a new product. More than just a party, product launches create essential branding opportunities.

“Product launches are a great medium to tell your brand or product story,” Conversate Collective, an experiential event agency in Sacramento, tells us. According to the agency, launches can “highlight a product’s value in a more tangible way.” Additionally, these events foster consumer relationships and often lead to word-of-mouth marketing — making them an integral part of your marketing strategy

Keep reading to discover 10 pro tips on how to produce a successful product launch event. Additionally, see how real product launches on PartySlate used these techniques to create wow-worthy productions. Marketing is about to get a lot more interesting.

How to Plan a Product Launch Event

1. Assemble Your Vendor Team

A successful product launch, much like a successful product, requires more than just a brilliant idea. It takes a talented team of individuals to put this idea into action. 

“The best vendors are the ones who get just as excited about the creative concept as you do,” Conversate Collective tells us.” “The ones that can take your idea, run with it, and add to it are also the best collaborators.” 

So where can you find the right team? Use PartySlate’s curated directory to find the best product launch event vendors for your celebration. Make sure to narrow down your search by location and vendor category.

PartySlate Miami launch with purple lighting | PartySlate
photographer:  Sugarfree Studio & David Sanchez |  59 & Bluebell Events | décor:  St Germain Design + Co.,  Just by Designs & Berkeley Florist Supply | venue: Rubell Museum | production: Event Factor | and more…

Miami, FL

PartySlate brought industry leaders and influencers together to celebrate the return of PartySlate events. The incredible vendor team worked together to create memorable branding opportunities that included LED projections of affiliated company logos. Scannable QR code signs gave guests interactive opportunities to be featured on PartySlate; while party staples like riveting entertainment, delectable cuisine, and Instagram-worthy cocktails kept the party in full swing. 

Jordan Kahn Music Company performs at PartySlate's New Orleans city launch party | PartySlate
photographer: Paul Morse Photography | planner: Sapphire Events | décor:  Luminous Events of New Orleans & Herbivore Floral Designs | venue:  Southern Hotel, Covington | entertainment:  Jordan Kahn Music Company | and more…

New Orleans, LA

It’s true: PartySlate knows how to throw one epic launch party after another. Why? Because our team works with the best vendors in the event industry to create memorable experiences. Click to see how this celebration impressed guests and partners alike with selfie cocktails, show-stopping entertainment, a meet-and-greet Champagne wall, and so much more.

2. Choose a Premier Venue

Setting is everything. Your venue choice determines more than just the layout of your celebration; it also potentially affects which amenities you’ll be able to offer your guests. Use PartySlate’s curated venue directory to find the perfect (and available) venue. Make sure to narrow your search by location, guest count, event type, and more.

Women gather at table beneath lavish greenery at The Langham Huntington Hotel for product launch event | PartySlate
photographer: Caroline Tran Photographer | planner: HoneyFitz Events | floral: Little Hill Floral Designs | venue: The Langham Huntington Hotel

Pasadena, CA

Let your venue inspire your event design. This elegant launch party takes advantage of soaring windows and elegant crown molding to set the scene for a charming tea party. We especially love how styled pink rain boots beautifully complement the vintage carpeting. Click to see.

Montblanc gala at ASPIRE at One World Observatory | PartySlate
photographer: From Parris with Love | planner & design: Luxury Makers | venue: ASPIRE at One World Observatory

New York, NY

Montblanc’s luxury pen line takes its name from the majestic Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps. While this sophisticated venue may be over an ocean away, its dramatic views from the 102nd floor evoke the sublime feeling of being on top of the world. Make sure to see how this event also wows with dramatic lighting and illuminated tablescapes.

3. Decide on a Theme or Style for Your Event

The right theme or style will tie your entire celebration together. Think of it as the hub of a wheel — uniting everything from your décor and catering to the entertainment and photo ops. Make sure to work with your event planner or event agency to create a theme or style that serves your product.

Some of our favorite themes on PartySlate include:

Outdoor pink launch event on tennis court in Los Angeles | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & beverages: Labaratory by Scarlette | production: My Beautiful City | venue: James Goldstein Residence | caterer: Good Gracious! Events

Los Angeles, CA

We love a monochromatic color theme, especially when color is utilized in new and creative ways. This glam pink launch party enthralls with dynamic lighting and an LED bar setup — not to mention, a dreamy pink dusk. Best of all, guests enjoyed delicious bites and Instagram-worthy pink cocktails with floral ice spheres. Yum, indeed.

Roaring Twenties-themed launch event for Bondi Sands | PartySlate
photography: Amanda Julca | planning & design: Simply Natural Events | 

Miami, FL

Bondi Sands’ tanning product aims to deliver a golden glow — and it did just that at this Roaring Twenties launch party. Metallic balloons, Art Deco tablescapes, and personalized golden seating are all Jay Gatsby-approved. Make sure to check out the on-theme photo op where guests had the chance to climb into a life-sized Champagne glass.

4. Welcome Guests with Eye-Catching Signage

The most obvious branding opportunity starts with eye-catching signage. Use signage to both display your logo or relay important information about your product.

But that’s just the beginning. Think of signage as a photo op. The more likely a guest stops to take a selfie in front of your company’s logo, the more likely they will share the image on social media. Of course, we still recommend hiring a professional photographer.

Iridescent signage for Kerastase product launch | PartySlate
photographer: Nelson Lee | planner, design & floral:  Patrick J Clayton Productions | venue: Appear Hear Mansion | rentals: Taylor Creative Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

With iridescent décor, you can expect your launch party to end up on each guest’s Instagram account. After all, there’s something about sparkly backdrops that just have to be shared (and liked). This Kerastase product launch wowed guests from the moment they walked through the door. Make sure to see how shine was utilized throughout the entire celebration — from the outdoor fire pit to branded snowboards. 

Boxwood signage with fruit décor at Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions launch | PartySlate
photo courtesy of, design & production:  B Floral Event Design and Production | venue: NoMo Kitchen

New York, NY

Smirnoff launched their Zero Sugar Infusions to full applause with this lush and fruity backdrop. Guests loved posing in front of the clusters of pink rose, watermelon slice, and fresh lime. Sometimes, all it takes is the right signage to quench our thirst.

5. Create Unique Branding Opportunities

Conversate Collective advises companies to start with the key message or main benefits of a product. Ask yourself, “How will it be used by the customer in real life?” 

From there, “Look at every single detail of the environment to determine if it could be branded and how.” For example, if your product is a beauty line, consider branding self-care apparel like sleep masks, vanity mirrors, etc.

However, quality is more important than quantity. “As much as clients love to see their brand everywhere, too many logos can take away from your event design,” Conversate Collective cautions.

photos courtesy of & planner: Daughter of Design | production: Watowa | venues: PlusTokyo, TeamLab & Warehouse Terrada

Tokyo, Japan

Brow Styler made its Japan debut with Instagram-worthy décor that included a maneki-neko (lucky cat) lounge area and step-in closets with life-sized paper fashion cut outs. The branding was even more impressive with costumes made from real High Brow packaging — as well as floor designs that reminded guests, “You’re never fully dressed without your brows.”

Lavish Event Rentals launch at Miami Design District | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & rentals: Lavish Event Rentals | production: Event Services Group | floral: The Flower Bazaar | venue: Miami Design District | rentals: Accent Luxury Rentals | caterer: STYLE Catering, Inc.

Miami, FL

Use dramatic architectural details to elevate your brand. In this case, light projections brought Lavish Event Rentals to new heights (literally) with the help of the site-specific installation “Elastika.” Of course, that was just the beginning. Discover other stunning backdrops such as floor-to-ceiling gold tassels and a rustic wall of neutral foliage. 

6. Engage Guests With Immersive Activities

A product launch is more than a party; it’s a chance to create an experience for your clients. Use immersive activities to foster engagement with both your product and brand. From carnival games, vintage arcades, and virtual reality rentals  — there’s no shortage of unique activities to inspire your event.

Adidas x Champ Sport Launch with branded bumper balls | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & venue: City Market Social House | production: Vox Productions

Los Angeles, CA

The Adidas x Champ Sport Launch kept guests enthralled with immersive activities that ranged from wearable bumper balls to inflatable interactive games. Discover how the party continued with neon photo ops, gym pad lounge seating, and lively entertainment. 

McDonalds launch in Kuala Lumpur with indoor sledding hill | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & planner: Gravel Experiential | snow installation: Magic Snow

Kuala Lumpur

Truth be told, we love a great slogan; but this two-story indoor sledding hill makes this product launch one for the history books. Because the average temperature in Kuala Lumpur is 82 degrees, many guests had never seen snow before — making the launch even more memorable and interactive.

7. Make Room for Photo Ops

Engaged consumers are more likely to develop a relationship with your brand, as well as promote it. Make sure your product launch event has multiple photo ops, so guests will want to pose and share their photos on social media.

Pro tip: Encourage guests to use a specific hashtag when sharing by offering rewards or perks. 

Kaleidoscope photo booth at No 7 product launch | PartySlate
photographer:  Andrew Werner Photography | planner, floral, activation & backdrop:  Patrick J Clayton Productions | venue: Hotel On Rivington | rentals: Taylor Creative Inc.

New York, NY

You can expect a beauty product launch to be…well…beautiful. This celebration did not disappoint. We love how guests were able to step inside the wonders of a kaleidoscope — all while relaxing on spa-like seating and getting their photo taken. Make sure to see other sleek details from this modern soirée. We especially appreciate the dramatic views of New York City.

Woman sits on swing photo op with cascade of hot pink balloons | PartySlate
photo courtesy of, design & floral: B Floral Event Design and Production

New York, NY

It’s hard to imagine a more inviting photo op. This comfy swing chair, framed by a cascade of bright pink balloons, is all the lounge area we need. Make sure to check out the on-theme signage and bar cart for even more inspiration. 

8. Satiate With Branded Beverages

Happy consumers are satiated consumers. After all, hungry or thirsty clients are significantly less likely to have a positive experience with your brand. Best of all, catering provides another unique opportunity for creative branding.

Utilize PartySlate to find premier caterers and beverage service providers near you. Make sure to filter by location, event type, services, and more.

Latte art of dog with Target logo eye | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & planner: Amy Zaroff Events + Design

New York, NY

Get your guests to put their delectable drinks on Instagram with branded latte foam. We also love how Target signage gets a caffeine boost with hundreds of individually-placed coffee beans. With an event this perfectly-branded, there’s no risk of falling asleep.

Olay Body Labs product launch with lab-like cocktail installation and lab equipment signage | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & venue: Lavan 541 | planner: event planner: Small Girls PR caterer: Pinch Food Design | rentals: RentQuest

New York, NY

Olay Body Labs Premium Body collection brought their science theme to life with chic signage and creative bartending. Cocktails get the full analysis (with dazzling results) in this lab-like set up that incorporates beakers, funnels, and an onsite “scientist.” The data is in: We fully approve.

9. Create a Celebratory Vibe With Top-Level Entertainment

Give guests a reason to celebrate with premier entertainment — be it a live performance, aerialist act, or lively DJ.

You can find an array of top entertainment companies through PartySlate’s vendor directory. Use the filters to narrow your search by event type, location, services, and more. We especially recommend using the “services” filter to find one-of-a-kind entertainment opportunities your guests will love.

photo courtesy of & venue: InterContinental San Diego

San Diego, CA

Music found its visual counterpart at this grand opening party — where a soaring gold structure provided both musical staging and an aerial rig. We especially love how white costuming creates a parallel frame for the dramatic evening sky. Make sure to see how cocktails were just as impressive with a cloud of dusky-pink cotton candy.

Jordan Kahn Music Company performs at Beia product launch | PartySlate
photography: Allan Zepeda Photography | décor & floral: photography: I Do Event Decals & Designs by Ahn | entertainment: Jordan Kahn Music | caterer: Marcia Selden Catering & Events

New York, NY

Beia Beauty brought the aesthetic of its product to life with a lively product launch in a lavender color palette with whimsical floral décor. But the real party started when guests hit the dance floor — with the help of a show-stopping live performance. Click to see.

10. Say Thanks With Swag Bags

Conversate Collective also encourages companies to consider branding party favors or take-home gifts. This way, your guests will continue to interact with your brand long after the event is over.

Take-home gifts are also the perfect way to thank your customers and clients for their loyalty over the years. Swag bags are a small investment that can easily yield high returns.

IPSY swag bags on reception table chairs at pastel pink product launch event | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & floral: XO Bloom | venue: The Line Hotel, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

Each guest found a branded tote bag awaiting them as they sat down for a delicious meal at this pastel-pink product launch. Of course, guests had plenty of reasons to feel like royalty at this stunning event. Click to see the inviting courtyard space filled with upended pink blooms, mod lucite menus, and so much more.

Swag bag with patches | PartySlate
photography: Stephanie Keenan | planner & designer: Simply Natural Events | floral: Shawna Yamamoto Event Design | venue: The Butcher’s Daughter | stationery: Calligraphy Katrina

Los Angeles, CA

This SmashBox launch made guests feel special with branded cocktails, delicious bites, and an interactive party favor station. After decorating their swag bags with unique patches, they filled them with personalized lip glosses — all while getting to be marketers (and artists) of their own.

More Wow-Worthy Product Launch Events on PartySlate

Purple and rose gold-themed product launch for Natural hair influencer and licensed stylist Monica Stevens | PartySlate
photographer: Joe Chea | event agency: Conversate Collective | floral: Cape Lily Flowers | venue: YOTEL Hotel New York

New York, NY

Natural hair influencer Monica Stevens celebrated the launch of MoKnowsHair Curl Collection with a stylish party complete with cocktails and live hair demonstrations. We especially love how the branded signage and luxe tablescape décor matches the moody and metallic product packaging. 

Benefit Cosmetics global launch in desert with pink rocket and costumed astronaut | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & planner: Daughter of Design | venue: Amangiri lighting & av: Intrinsic Event Technologies | rentals: Epic Event Rentals

Canyon Point, UT

BadGAL BANG Mascara hosted a multi-day global launch party against the spectacular backdrop of Canyon Point. The futuristic space theme came to life with neon geometric structures and hot pink rock formations. Make sure to also see the “Battle of the Brows” set, where guests enjoyed a vintage-style game show.

European Wax Center launch with massage table beneath upended wax cup overflowing with purple flowers | PartySlate
photo courtesy of, design & floral: Siblana Events

Rosemont, IL

In a world of constant ads and non-stop marketing, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, The European Wax Center succeeds in arresting our attention. We love how a simple massage table becomes the focal point of conversation with over-the-top branding — thanks to a waterfall of purple blooms. Self-care has never looked so tranquil.

Vintage Bristish telephone booth overflowing with flowers for launch event | PartySlate
photo courtesy of, design & production: B Floral Event Design and Production | venue: Moxy Chelsea Hotel

New York, NY

The American product launch for British company Dr. Organic Beauty may have taken place inside a hotel, but the crown jewel of the event was set just outside the property. Guests and passerby alike had the opportunity to pose in front of this vintage British telephone booth overflowing with blooms. We dare say, every pedestrian hoped for the chance to join the party.

SmashBox Petal Metal Collection launch at Jeremy Hotel | PartySlate
photographer: Tristan Kallas Photography | planning & design: Simply Natural Events | décor & rentals: Taylor Creative Inc.,  Luna Party Rentals, 204 Events & Audio West | venue: Hotel Jeremy

Los Angeles, CA

Smashbox Petal Metal Collection took branding to the next level with glamorous décor that captured the product’s tone and color palette. From metallic-gold covered strawberries to golden floating pool fixtures, every element of this soirée was on point.

Enchanted garden launch with pink décor for Aventer Gray | PartySlate
photographer: Janet Howard Studio | planning & design: Lemiga Events | floral: keem Clayton | venue: Hyatt Regency Greenville

Greenville, SC

The Aventer Gray launch party welcomed guests into an enchanted garden filled with lush floral décor, lavish balloon installations, and a magazine photo op where guests got to literally step inside the cover. Make sure to also see the floral-covered entryway that whisked participants into a dreamy garden landscape.  

photographer: Tori Soper Photography | venue: Aloft Chicago

Chicago, IL

With the constant advent of new technology, music continues to evolve. This launch party for the “Future of Music” wowed with dazzling neon installations, epic lighting displays, and innovative futuristic games. Music never looked so good.

photo courtesy of & planner: Ladidadi Events & Incentives | venue: WNDR Museum

Chicago, IL

Imagine a museum space that is constantly changing to reflect new artists and innovations. The WNDR Museum turns every visit into an immersive experience through interactive installations. We love how Ladidadi Events & Incentives teamed up with WNDR for the museum’s grand reopening (with 50 new and unique elements). Make sure to see branding taken to new heights with an urban-style slide.

photographer: Alyssa Cates Studio | floral: Wedfully Yours | venue: Breda Studio | invitations & print: For Your Party

Dallas, TX

This Bloom book launch reminds us why print will never go out of style. Custom-made napkins and coasters elevate the art of print design while a suspended baby’s breath installation adds the perfect modern touch. Make sure to see the chic pop up truck with Champagne on tap.

“Simply Color” walk-in product display that doubles as a unique photo op | PartySlate
photographer: Andrew Werner Photography | planner & floral: Patrick J Clayton Productions | venue: White Space Chelsea | rentals: Taylor Creative Inc.

New York, NY

This trendy product launch for various hair color brands creates vignettes of color with branded stations. We especially love the “Simply Color” walk-in product display that doubles as a unique photo op. Make sure to see how “Keratin Color” gave guests the VIP treatment with luxe red draping reminiscent of a Hollywood bash. 

People Also Ask…

What is a product launch event?

Product launch events introduce clients and consumers to a new product. The event is an opportunity to create hype for your product, develop a relationship with your clients and consumers, and strengthen brand awareness.

What should a launch event include?

First and foremost, consider how your launch event can accomplish your business goals? Everything from your design and production to catering selections should increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. Consider how the following can advance your objectives:

Why are product launches a good idea?

As stated above, product launches are an important way to forge relationships with your consumers as well as create hype around new products. We highly recommend making product launches part of your company’s routine marketing strategy. The greatest product in the world still needs to be marketed to attract new consumers. Product launch events are a fun and engaging way to achieve this objective.