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Richard Oleff and David Nachbar

Photo by Jamwoc Mixed Reality Solutions

We sat down with Richard Oleff and David Nachbar, the co-owners of Jamwoc Mixed Reality Solutions, to get the scoop on their innovative business, which is completely changing the look and feel of events.


Tell us a little about your business

Jamwoc Mixed Reality Solutions provides creative ideas and content development for Augmented and Virtual Reality concepts for Marketing, Events and Branding. We specialize in 360 degree/virtual reality photos and videos, 3D tours of event spaces, residential and commercial real estate powered by Matterport.


360 Video is common in the real estate world — why use it for events?

Taking 360 degree/virtual reality photos and videos can highlight a venue, a special event, catering, A/V or anything else in the event industry. The pictures and videos that Jamwoc can provide highlight an event like nothing else in the marketplace. After using our services, you’ll never want to take a conventional picture or video again. Our photos and videos can be viewed easily in Facebook and the videos can also be viewed in virtual reality on You Tube. We even provide custom branded viewers so potential customers can see your work in virtual reality.


What can you offer party hosts?

We can offer them a unique opportunity to show off their entire parties in a 360 degree view that showcases everything they provide. There is no other way to achieve this view to show the customer other than using this technology. A party host can take 50 pictures and we can capture the same thing in one 360 view.



How does the technology work?

We use a special 360 degree camera that captures the entire space in pictures or video on 2 cameras.  We then stitch and edit those pictures and/or videos together and output the content that can be played on any 360 degree viewer (ie Youtube and Facebook).  The important thing about using this type of camera is to place the camera in the middle of the action so the viewer becomes “a person in the room” to see everything around them.  In addition to viewing this in 360, it can also be viewed on your phone in virtual reality in Youtube by touching an icon and using VR viewers.


How is Virtual Reality different from 360 video?

360 videos are 2 dimensional, where Virtual reality is an immersive 3 dimensional option to view content.


What other new technologies are you using to capture an event?

Most recently we have purchased a Matterport camera. Matterport captures photos in a 360 3 dimensional view that can be easily navigated as a tour of a Venue.  This 360 click and move system virtually takes you on a tour as you click through the space.


Can you please give us an example of an event that you captured with your technology and special cameras?

Yes, it’s the PartySlate launch party!  You can explore rooms by dragging or swiping across the photos and videos.  Check out our 360 interactive video and photos on YoutubeFacebook and Google Photos.