Modern South Asian wedding with black sweetheart table, dreamy pink drapery backdrop, and boho floral décor with pampas grass | PartySlate
photographer: Maha Studios | planner: Marquette Avenue Events | design & floral: Yanni Design Studio | venue: Nobu Hotel Chicago
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11 South Asian Wedding Trends for 2022, From Leading Vendors

Modern South Asian wedding with black sweetheart table, dreamy pink drapery backdrop, and boho floral décor with pampas grass | PartySlate

As the year draws to a close, PartySlate is already dreaming about next year’s South Asian wedding trends. While new event testing and screening services lead to safer celebrations, wedding vendors must continue to think strategically over the next year. Supply chain disruptions and uncertainty over new variants will force industry elites to get creative — with new, yet wow-worthy results.

South Asian weddings represent a diversity of cultures and traditions. As Denise Lillie Engagements, a San Francisco-based event planning, company reminds us, “It’s not a monolith.” Click here to explore their team’s interactive map and learn more about common wedding traditions by region and religion.

Purple-shaded map of the following South Asian countries: following countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India | PartySlate

South Asian wedding planner Events by C tells us, “There is such a wide array of cultures within the South Asian community and each of them come with their own traditions.” But despite this rich diversity, all South Asian couples must navigate the wedding world post-COVID-19. We reached out to eight top South Asian wedding planners and vendors to learn their top predictions for South Asian wedding décor, entertainment, catering, and more.

Yanni Design Studio, a Chicago-based design and floral studio, tells us, “Couples have found innovative and meaningful ways to celebrate with weekday weddings, live streaming, and smaller guest counts.” Nahid’s Global Events, a San Diego-based event planning company, also tells us to expect more outdoor wedding venues as well as destination weddings.

From intimate backyard weddings to luxurious destination celebrations, discover the top South Asian wedding trends for 2022 from 8 top wedding vendors. Despite our changing times, you can still expect dazzling décor, meaningful rituals, and immersive entertainment — but with a modern twist. 

1. Lower Guest Counts

Intimate backyard South Asian wedding with gold hoop backdrop with pampas grass and suspended red rose petals | PartySlate
photographer: Shalin Photography | planning & décor: Dream Events By Sonya | venue: Private Residence

Eventrics Weddings, an Orlando-based wedding planner, expects to see a reduction in guest count over the coming year. According to Denise Lillie Engagements, “Many second-generational couples are less interested in a 700-person guest list.” Between that and the need to practice social distancing at times due to COVID-19, intimate South Asian weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

 In fact, micro weddings are here to stay for couples across many different cultures. Smaller guest counts reduce the chance of a super spreader event. They also offer unique opportunities for personalized décor and more intimate moments.

Discover South Asian Micro Weddings on PartySlate

Intimate South Asian wedding at Adler Planetarium with deep purple and red floral décor | PartySlate
photographer: Maha Studios | design & floral: Yanni Design Studio | venue: Adler Planetarium

Intimate and Traditional Wedding

This intimate wedding at Chicago’s iconic planetarium wows with stunning floral details that pop against the soaring, all-glass space. We especially love how lucite pillars create the illusion of a free-floating floral crown.

Groom makes baraat entrance in car with open rooftop at intimate backyard wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Shalin Photography | planning & décor: Dream Events By Sonya | venue: Private Residence

Intimate Backyard Wedding

A small, backyard celebration can still feature important cultural traditions. We love how the groom made his grand entrance in a modern vehicle amidst multicolor smoke bombs. Make sure to see other picture-perfect details like the tassel rainbow backdrop and periodic table seating chart.

2. Destination Weddings in Offbeat Locations

Bride and groom dance in front of wooden mandap with white drapery and tropical floral designs at Cancún destination wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Sweet Caribbean | planner: JC Castillo Weddings | décor & floral: Pistilo Florals Rentals

Sukhadia Caterers, based in New Jersey, tells us offbeat locations are trending. Moreover, couples are incorporating the natural landscape into their outdoor events.

According to Nahid’s Global Events, destination weddings are also becoming increasingly popular. Denise Lillie Engagements tells us how destination weddings are great because they still allow for a multi-day event.

Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants, a New York event planner,  advises, “If you are going to make your guests travel, take them to a place they may not think of going on their own. We are talking 16 to 20 hour flights, but the journey is well worth it once the guests experience the location and resort.” 

That’s not all. “Full buyout of resorts are huge right now,” Shah says. “It offers complete privacy. The guest interaction is only with each other, and it elevates the entire wedding experience.”

Discover South Asian Destination & Outdoor Weddings on PartySlate

Outdoor Henna Tea at Rosewood Miramar Beach with white and pink marquee tenting | PartySlate
photographer: Raj Tents | planner: Lisa Vorce CO | venue: Rosewood Miramar Beach | rentals: Raj Tents

Outdoor Henna Tea

Elegant marquee tents and authentic Southeast Asian rugs made for cozy, yet elevated space to dine and mingle. We also love how this outdoor Henna Tea featured gold and dark pink floral décor that popped against the surrounding greenery.

Bride and bridesmaid dance at Traditional Glam Destination Wedding in Cancún, Mexico | PartySlate
photographer: Sweet Caribbean | planner: JC Castillo Weddings | décor & floral: Pistilo Florals Rental

Cancún Destination Wedding

Is there anything more romantic than a beach wedding? This glamorous Cancún destination wedding wows with multiple décor designs. From a boho wedding mandap to a glamorous reception filled with lush greenery and luxe golden accents, this destination wedding proves it’s impossible to pick a favorite wedding style.

3. Organic Décor Elements & Greenery

Groom dips bride in pink dress beneath lavish mandap decorated with organic greenery and pink and red florals | Partyslate
photographer: Duke Images | planner: Elegant Events | floral design: Eucharis & Squareroot designs | venue: Monarch Beach Resort

South Asian weddings are known for their dramatic ballroom décor. However, “A lot of couples are hosting outdoor events again mostly due to the pandemic,” Eventrics Weddings explains. “With this pivot, they are embracing the natural beauty of the outdoor elements and enhancing those with their designer.”

Sukhadia Caterers confirms, saying to expect “lots of greens, less color, and natural landscapes.” 

Discover Organic Décor Elements & Greenery on PartySlate

Tropical Beach Wedding Ceremony with Double Arch Made from Palm Trees | PartySlate
photographer: Jacqui Cole Photography | planner: Eventrics Weddings | ceremony designer: Occasions by Shangri-la | ceremony venue: Longboat Key Club

Tropical Beach Wedding Décor

Double arches of lavish palm leaves create a dramatic entrance to this beach wedding ceremony. We especially love how the wedding décor complements the lush greenery of the surrounding palms. Click to see other verdant elements, such as a boxwood backdrop and delicate tendrils of greenery mixed in with the wedding mandap’s bright blooms.

Recessional at South Asian wedding with overhanging organic greenery | PartySlate
photographer: Kapsule Co | planning & design: Blue Lotus Insights | floral: Nectar and Bloom | venue: BRICK

Minimalist and Organic Greenery

Soft-toned, overhanging greenery proves organic décor is all you need for a stunning, modern Indian wedding. We especially appreciate how the industrial roll-up doors were cleverly incorporated into the ceremonial backdrop. Click to see how this unique backdrop was also repurposed for the sweetheart table.

Wedding mandap with wild greenery and branches | PartySlate
photographer: Duke Images | planner: Elegant Events | floral design: Eucharis & Squareroot designs | venue: Monarch Beach Resort

Mandap with Lavish Greenery

Greenery is officially no longer just a filler. We are obsessed with this ornate wedding mandap decked in wild greenery and branches — that complemented the surrounding Pasadena countryside. Make sure to see how the greenery theme continued with one-of-a-kind reception seating. Trust us: You have to see it to believe it.

4. Hot Pink Florals

Outdoor wedding tablescape  with elevated bright pink floral centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Brian Dorsey Studios | planner: Premini Events | floral & design: Birch Event Design | venue: Private Residence

Premini Events says it all in just four words: “Gorgeous hot pink florals!” In fact, this dramatic wedding color scheme is trending across all types of celebrations. From South Asian weddings to micro weddings, the color pink is reclaiming the spotlight.

Discover Hot Pink South Asian Floral Décor on PartySlate

String quartet plays under double arch of bright pink blooms for wedding cocktail hour | PartySlate
photographer: Brian Dorsey Studios | planner: Premini Events | floral & design: Birch Event Design | venue: Private Residence

Think Double Pink

This gorgeous intersecting double archway of bright pink blooms is just the beginning. Discover everything from free-floating pink floral centerpieces to the reflective mirrored tabletops. Best of all, twinkling string lights illuminated the gorgeous floral display come sunset.

Bride and groom sit on blue settee behind carnation curtain at Indian Wedding Ceremony | PartySlate
photographer: Lin & Jirsa Photography | planner: So Cal Event Planners | floral: Leta Verbena Floral Design | venue: The Waterfront Beach Resort a Hilton Hotel

Bright, Yet Delicate Details

We love how this outdoor wedding ceremony and reception featured every shade of pink — but we are especially swooning over this delicate carnation curtain. Make sure to see how the ceremony continued the color scheme with pink floral centerpieces, candles, and linen. A monochromatic theme has never looked so good.

5. Stand-Alone Décor Elements

Bride and groom stand in front of dreamy pink drapery and half circle of papas grass and pink blooms at South Asian wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Maha Studios | planner: Marquette Avenue Events | design & floral: Yanni Design Studio | venue: Nobu Hotel Chicago

COVID-19 has forced event planners and designers to think outside the box. With scaled down guest counts, non-traditional venues, and elevated costs; creative thinking is a necessity.

Yanni Design Studio shares, “As Event Designers, we are creating standalone wedding décor elements and installations that are versatile and can be used in any venue in new and alternative ways.”

Expect plenty of Instagrammable moments with these dazzling décor elements. 

Discover Stand-Alone Décor Elements at South Asian Weddings on PartySlate

Modern South Asian wedding with black sweetheart table, dreamy pink drapery backdrop, and boho floral décor with pampas grass | PartySlate
photographer: Maha Studios | planner: Marquette Avenue Events | design & floral: Yanni Design Studio | venue: Nobu Hotel Chicago

Pink Chiffon Installation

A gorgeous installation of pink chiffon and pampas grass made for the perfect wedding backdrop more than once. From ceremony to reception, every moment of the enchanting wedding benefited from this romantic installation. Click to see.

Bride and groom underneath ethereal ceiling installation of shimmering tassels and white orchids and blue uplighting at Indian Wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Lin & Jirsa Photography | planner: Nahid’s Global Events | floral: Shawna Yamamoto Event Design | venue: Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa

Shimmering Crystal Crown

From mandap to photo op, this ethereal ceiling installation of shimmering tassels and white orchids has us swooning. Click to see other lavish ceiling décor from this South Asian wedding. It’s true: Balloons aren’t just for kids.

6. Individually-Plated Appetizers

photo courtesy of: Sukhadia Caterers’ Instagram

With a continuing focus on health and safety, Sukhadia Caterers is seeing an increase in individually-plated appetizers. The good news? Appetizers have never been more visually appealing — or Instagrammable.

Discover Individually-Plated Appetizers on PartySlate

Tray of passed apps on mini silver platters | PartySlate
photographer: J. Brown Photography | planner: Clementine Custom Events | floral & décor: Ashland Addison Floral and Event Decor | venue: Morgan Manufacturing | caterer: Limelight Catering

Passed Apps on Mini Platters

We love how mini silver platters create individually-plated servings on a passed-app tray. Guests also enjoyed fusion cuisine to honor this multicultural couple, culminating in a western-style white wedding cake. Click to see

7. Mini Desserts

White dessert with pearl toppings in individual cups for wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Kapsule Co | planner & design: Blue Lotus Insights | floral: Nectar and Bloom | venue: BRICK | desserts: Sweet Cheeks Baking & Uncle Biffs

“Dining and dessert style has definitely evolved in the last year,” Yanni Design Studio tells us. Eventrics Weddings agrees, saying, “A lot of couples are ditching the cake and creating mini cakes or desserts to enhance the experience for their guests.”

“Another trend is serving each guest a different dessert or sending them home with a prepackaged cupcake or delicious edible wedding favor,” Yanni Design Studio says. After all, who wouldn’t love to take a slice of the celebration home with them?

Discover Mini Desserts at South Asian Weddings on PartySlate

Small wedding cake with individuall wrapped cupcakes serving as bottom four tiers | PartySlate
photographer: J. Brown Photography | design: Yanni Design Studio | venue: Private Residence

Take-Home Cupcakes

Reimagine the tiered wedding cake with layers of individually-packaged cupcakes crowned with a mini cake — a perfect size for just the couple. Make sure to see other gorgeous details from this at-home wedding. We’ll give you a hint: Once again, greenery makes an appearance.

S'mores station with individual s'more dessert cups | PartySlate
photographer: Kapsule Co | planner & design: Blue Lotus Insights | floral: Nectar and Bloom | venue: BRICK | desserts: Sweet Cheeks Baking & Uncle Biffs

S’mores Cake Shots

Dessert in a cup is the dessert we’ve always dreamed about. We especially love how these s’mores cake shots were perfectly on theme for this unique wedding celebration. See other unique details such as organic greenery and a mini wedding-cake-for-two here.

8. Live Entertainment

Christien Anthony Music performs at Indian wedding at Pelican Hill | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & entertainment: Christien Anthony Music

As clients shift gears to outdoor events, Eventrics Weddings is seeing a new focus on live entertainment. “Live entertainment or bands have become a big investment for our clients.”

Events by C adds, “We just had a wedding last weekend that had a live singer, electric violinist, string quartet, ballerinas, and caricature artists. These elements are making weddings extremely unique and unforgettable for guests.”

We have to applaud. Nothing gets guests on the dance floor like live, customized entertainment.

Discover South Asian Weddings With Live Entertainment On PartySlate

Hank Lane Music performs at South Asian wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Salwa Photography | planner: Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants | décor: Elegant Affairs & Floralia Events | sangeet venue: Mandarin Oriental, New York | ceremony & reception venue: The Plaza New York | entertainment: Hank Lane Music

Star-Studded Celebration

A live band — along with surprise performances by the Carpenter Trio and the Grammy Award winning Violinist Miri Ben Ari — took entertainment to the next level at this South Asian wedding celebration. Click to see some of the joyous moments on the dance floor.

9. Unique Entertainment

Dancers in LED costumes perform at Indian wedding reception | PartySlate
photographer: Amrit Photography | planner: KP Style Events | décor: Universal Décor | venue: Hyatt Regency Lake Washington | entertainment:

“South Asian weddings are all about bringing new and fresh ideas to the party,” Eventrics Weddings says, “and entertainment is such a fun and unique way to do this.”

Yanni Design Studio agrees. “Couples are becoming very creative and innovative with ways of entertaining their guests. Jazz ensembles, harpists, circus acts, and vocalists all have become very popular in the last year.”

Discover Unique Entertainment Ideas on PartySlate

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment in front of yellow food cart at South Asian wedding | PartySlate
photographer: NadiaD Photography | planner: KIS(cubed) Events | venue: The Phoenician, a Luxury Collection Resort, Scottsdale | cirque du soleil: Vertical Fix Productions

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment

This South Asian wedding kept guests entertained with an acrobatic performance. Click to see even more unique entertainment ideas, from lawn games to arcade games.

Bride djs at South Asian wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Divine Method Photography | planner: Premini Events | decorator: Birch Event Design

DJ Bride

Give guests a surprise by stepping up to the DJ booth — or inviting close friends and family to do the same. Of course, with such a beautiful dance floor, guests were happy to get the party started. Click to see.

10. Innovative Lighting

Traditional South Asian wedding at Waldorf Astoria New York with blue uplighting and dance floor that looks like the ocean | PartySlate
photographer: Alain Martinez Photo & Cinema | planner: Premini Events | décor: Elegant Affairs | venue: Waldorf Astoria New York | lighting: Pegasus Productions

Events by C tells us, “We’re seeing lighting used in ways never seen before. I’ve seen lighting transform a room to look like it is underwater to seeing use of unique patterns that replace the need for a backdrop.” It’s true that lighting should top your wedding to-do list. See why here.

Discover Unique Lighting Ideas on PartySlate

South Asian choreographed dance on blue and green ocean-like dance floor with vibrant blue uplighting | PartySlate
photographer: Divine Method Photography | planner: Premini Events | décor: HMR Designs

Underwater Wonderland

Turn the dance floor into the ultimate photo op with vibrant lighting and unique patterns. You can be sure, with a set up this beautiful, guests will want to dance all night long. Click to see other stunning ways lighting is utilized at this three-day wedding celebration.

11. A Virtual Component

“Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions,” Yanni Design Studio tells us, “virtual elements are becoming a key part in weddings.” Many photographers and videographers now offer live streaming during the ceremony and reception. 

Additionally, “Slideshows allow couples to share their love story via Zoom or other video chat platforms. Virtual guests can also be included in the fun by uploading photos and videos via a wedding hashtag.”

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Meet the Contributors

Brittany Ellis, Owner & Event Director of Eventrics Weddings

We love how this Florida-based wedding planning company values personal relationships and a custom-planning process to create a bespoke experience for their clients. Eventrics Weddings creates wow-worthy South Asian and Indian weddings through meticulous planning, minute attention to detail, and limitless creativity.

Ally Weaver, Junior Coordinator of Premini Events

Premini Events combines strategic planning with imaginative thinking to curate luxe celebrations with global flair — be it at home or abroad. We especially love how this full-service event planning team creates bespoke weddings and social events that visually wow guests from the moment they enter the celebration.

Chandani Chandekar, Owner & Event Planner at Events by C

We love how Chandani from Events by C goes above and beyond to create gorgeous events that surpass her clients expectations. Whether she is planning a multi-day South Asian wedding or an intimate celebration, she combines her meticulous attention to detail and big-picture mindset to wow party hosts and guests alike.

Eric Houghtalen, Event Designer at Yanni Design Studio

We love how this bespoke floral and décor production company — specializing in everything from South Asian weddings to grand galas — can transform any venue with their exquisite floral designs, wow-worthy lighting installations, and innovative backdrops. With a prolific inventory of décor pieces and some of the most talented minds in the industry, Yanni Design Studio works closely with their clients to create dream celebrations.

Nahid Farhoud, Planner & Designer at Nahid’s Global Events

 Nahid Farhoud, an event planner based in San Diego, produces truly exceptional events. We love how Nahid’s Global Events is dedicated to understanding a client’s vision and is able to deliver exactly they want in an elegant and tasteful way. Every experience with Nahid’s Global Events is one to remember, and her willingness to travel internationally makes them an unparalleled choice in the events industry.

Denise Lillie O’Neal, Owner of Denise Lillie Engagements

Denise Lillie Engagements specializes in creating beautiful multicultural weddings and events that are rich with personalized details and creative design. We love how this San Francisco-based event planning and design company is able to feature beloved family traditions while also elevating the unique personalities of their clients.

Sonal J. Shah, Owner & CEO of Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants

The team at Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants goes above and beyond to perfect every extraordinary detail of your wedding day or celebration — with an artist’s eye for everything from opulent lighting to custom dance floors and elegant tablescapes. We love how Sonal and her team work tirelessly to create the celebration of your dreams, with meticulous planning and flawless production.

Shaivi Sukhadia, Director of Catering at Sukhadia Caterers

We love how this four-generation family business has brought modern and personalized catering to couples for over 20 years now. Sukhadia Caterers offers custom wedding packages and traditional authentic recipes for a delectable dining experience your guests will love.


What are Some Common Elements Found Throughout South Asian Weddings?

“There is such a wide array of cultures within the South Asian community and each of them come with their own traditions,” Chandani Chandekar of Events by C shares. That being said, “An element that we have seen across many South Asian cultures is the baraat!” Chandani tell us. “Many of our Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and even Christian weddings have started their wedding ceremony off with a baraat. The baraat is the groom’s procession signifying him traveling from his home to the bride’s home for the wedding. Back when marriages were arranged, and commonly took place within the same village, the groom and his family would actually dance their way to the bride’s home. In modern times, the groom’s side will dance around the venue’s parking lot and arrive at the main door.”

Chandekar continues, “Another element that we see in all South Asian cultures and religions is choreographed performances! The siblings, cousins, and friends of the couple work together for months to choreograph dances especially for the bride and groom. Many times the dances are to popular Bollywood songs, and sometimes the performances are more intricate skits which tell the couple’s story through song and dance. We’ve seen many talented family members and friends choreograph on their own, while others defer to a professional choreographer to team them the steps.”

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