Rainbow inspired floral arrangement on a sleek white table | PartySlate
photographer: Forged in the North | planner: Jove Meyer Events | floral: Buds of Brooklyn | venue: Sound River Studios
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Clea & Joanna of “The Home Edit” Would Approve of These 12 Events [Photos]

Rainbow inspired floral arrangement on a sleek white table | PartySlate

Get your party organized with ideas from real events in honor of Netflix’s latest hit, The Home Edit.

In a recent article about the phenomenon that is The Home Edit, the New York Times refers to the company’s Instagram page as “Pinterest organization porn” and notes its “rows of pristine white shelves filled to no more than 75 percent capacity, pantries with paper towels artfully arranged in the shape of a pyramid and, its hallmark, items organized in order of Roygbiv (an acronym for the order of the colors as they appear in a rainbow — red-orange-yellow, etc.).”

If you find satisfaction in a freshly-cleaned cabinet, a categorized kitchen, or a color-coded closet, then this celebration inspiration is for you. Sleek event designs are trending, and we can’t contain our excitement over these perfectly-organized parties. 

Read on to see how to style your party’s display areas, opt for modern florals, make it monochrome, and more.

1. Maximize your storage space

Pink and purple shelving with jars and flowers | PartySlate
photo courtesy of Nu Leaf Design

Culver City, CA

Just like home décor, event design has key tips and tricks when it comes to seamlessly setting up a space. Maximizing display spots while keeping your event décor cohesive and clean is no easy feat — and the team behind this Curology skincare launch did just that. We love the color blocking throughout the space, especially in the placement of specifically-hued items on designated shelves.

photo courtesy of, design, décor, & floral: Nu Leaf Design

2. Aspire for Rainbow Aesthetics

Rainbow inspired floral arrangement on a sleek white table | PartySlate
photographer: Forged in the North

New York, NY

Good, clean event design fun. This modern city wedding has us oohing and aahing over how the simplest of designs can be so incredibly satisfying. Minimalist floral arrangements lined sleek white tables, and it’s no secret that the ladies of The Home Edit love a rainbow-inspired arrangement. 

photographer: Forged in the North | planner: Jove Meyer Events | floral: Buds of Brooklyn | venue & specialty rentals: Sound River Studios | specialty rentals: Patina Rentals

3. Our Sights are Set on Clear Containers

Clear canisters in a line filled with pink candy | PartySlate
photographer: Bashful Captures

New York, NY

If there’s one thing we learned from The Home Edit, it’s that containers are an organized girl or boy’s best friend. This Starbucks-themed Bat Mitzvah used clear canisters to store palette-matching candy among other treats. We love how the sparkling clean set-up completely transformed this NYC venue into a chic white and pink coffee shop.

photographer: Bashful Captures | planner: Twenty Three Layers (23 Layers) | floral: Van Vliet + Trap | venue: Current | rentals: Taylor Creative Inc.

Just like home décor, event design has key tips and tricks when it comes to seamlessly setting up a space.

4. Everyone Appreciates a Monochrome Moment

White lounge area and seating tables with yellow accents | PartySlate
photographer: Clane Gessel Photography

New York, NY

This 60th milestone birthday party transformed from an all hot pink design to completely yellow as guests meandered between rooms. We can’t think of anything more satisfying than how every beaming detail in this space was so thoughtfully coordinated from the lounge areas to the table settings, floral arrangements, wall art — and even the cocktails. 

photographer: Clane Gessel Photography | planner: NYLUX Events | design & floral: Patrick J Clayton Productions | venue: Carnegie Hall | caterer: Constellation Culinary Group; Thomas Preti Events to Savor | rentals: Taylor Creative Inc.

5. Labels Make the World Go Round

Sandwich display with an inflight meals label | PartySlate
photographer: Bashful Captures

New York, NY

Clea and Joanna taught us to appreciate the functionality of labels — and this kids birthday party kept cuisine grouped with cleverly labeled signage and crisp serving platters. We especially love the sleek feel of the room and the precise execution of the “Time Flies” party theme. 

photographer: Bashful Captures | planner & design: Twenty Three Layers (23 Layers) 

6. Organized Origami is Easy on the Eyes

Rainbow aligned origami | PartySlate
photographer: Clane Gessel Photography

Jersey City, NJ

Guests found their table in an especially organized manner at this technicolor wedding reception. Not only is each place card and respective origami card holder in a flawlessly synced row, but the bright colors are ombréd into a neon rainbow that we just can’t seem to stop staring at.

photographer: Clane Gessel Photography | planner: Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants | décor: Design House Decor | venue: Hyatt Regency Jersey City | stationery & graphics: Emily Kathryn Paper

Clea and Joanna taught us to appreciate the functionality of labels…

7. Designs With Symmetry are Oh So Satisfying

Yellow optical illusion displayed on white furniture and and surfaces | PartySlate
photographer: Twenty Three Layers (23 Layers)

New York, NY

Is it just us, or could this corporate event photo be an ad on The Home Edit’s website? This company celebration kept things creative with a light bulb-inspired optical illusion and minimally decorated surfaces. We wouldn’t be surprised to unwrap the white and yellow book-covers to discover Joanna and Clea’s newest tome, The Home Edit Life: The No-Guilt Guide to Owning What You Want and Organizing Everything.


photographer, design, décor & floral: Twenty Three Layers (23 Layers)

8. Coordinate Your Kitchen Items

Geometric decor and orderly arrangements of food and drinks by flavor | PartySlate
photographer: Twenty Three Layers (23 Layers)

New York, NY

This geometric décor-filled baby shower can’t help but remind us of the episode where actress Jordana Brewster’s refrigerator got a major makeover. One of Clea and Joanna’s favorite storage mediums (basic bins) were used to display fruit in her home — and at this fresh féte. We especially love the party’s orderly arrangements of drinks by flavor and color. 

photo courtesy of, planner, design & décor: Twenty Three Layers (23 Layers) | venue: Glasshouse Chelsea

9. Color-Coded Systems Always Deliver

Green, yellow, red display of color coded wristbands | PartySlate
photographer: Shawn Connell Weddings

Quogue, NY

A Home Edit-approved entrance. This 2020 baby shower took color coded precautions to ensure guests felt comfortable at the small outdoor occasion. Each designated wrist band hue indicated attendees’ willingness to interact with others at the Dr. Seuss-themed event. After all, the more that guests know, the more events to which they can go. 

photographer: Shawn Connell Weddings | planner: In Any Event | décor: David Beahm Experiences | caterer: Creative Edge Parties | balloons: Balloon Design Studio | lounge: Taylor Creative Inc. | printed materials: Ceci New York

10. Easily Accessible Elements are a Must

Rainbow stacked guest towels | PartySlate
photographer: Maggie Marguerite Studio

Chappaqua, NY

Guests could quite literally taste the rainbow at this backyard Bat Mitzvah. From the cake to the drink coolers, cup arrangements, chairs, and even the party favors, every element was in a neat (yet exciting) ROYGBIV order. Did we mention how the guest towels were perfectly stacked and easily accessible to all? Small details really do make a major impact — especially when they are organized.

photographer: Maggie Marguerite Studio | planner & décor: Tara M. Events | floral: Enza Events

11. Catered Cuisine Categorized by Color

Vibrant red chocolate assortment | PartySlate
photographer: Matthew Land Studios

Seattle, WA

Just wait until you see the photos from this caterer’s open house. We’re talking chic labels, color-coded trays, perfectly arranged chocolates, and the list goes on. Is it just us, or does food look better when it’s served by size and color?

photographer: Matthew Land Studios | planner & caterer: Lisa Dupar Catering

12. Don’t Overcrowd Your Pantry

Dessert bar on organized floating shelves | PartySlate
photographer: Geoff Chesman Visuals

Washington, D.C

Who hasn’t seen the episode of The Home Edit where country music star Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn Jae reset their pantry? We’re getting all the organized vibes from this Bat Mitzvah celebration’s to-go dessert bar. No shelf is too crowded, the design is modern, and every single sweet treat is completely visible. We’re feeling majorly inspired by this simple yet mesmerizing design.

photographer: Geoff Chesman Visuals | planner: Magnolia Bluebird design & events | décor: Syzygy | floral: Blue Vanda | venue: Newseum | linen: BBJ Linen