Tips & Trends for your New Year’s Celebration

Holiday Soirees by HMR Designs

As 2016 comes to a close and a month of celebrating winds down, we have one last opportunity to reflect and commemorate as we look to a fresh new year. If your plans involve a wild night on the town or a special evening in, we’re sharing our favorite trends and tips for ringing in 2017.


Holiday Soirees by HMR Designs

THE pantone color of 2017 is “greenery” – use this to help direct the decor for your new year’s celebration. Our absolute favorite this year!? A romantic blend of green, gold, champagne and fur for a chic and wintery vibe.

Putting on the Glitz

Stefanie Miles Events photo by Sarah Kate Photography

It’s impossible to think about new years and not think of champagne bubbles and sparkles, which is why it’s everyone’s favorite holiday to break out the party clothes. Glamour is not gone – so stick with the special party clothes and celebrate in style. Hosting at home? Invite your guests to dress for the holiday, but surprise them with monogrammed hotel-style slippers when they arrive.

Cocktail Pairings

Bliss Weddings & Events photo by Dennis Lee

Wine pairings are fabulous, but cocktail pairings mean business. Select beverages to pair with each course, and get even more clever by giving the naming rights for them to your party-guests. Even more fun? Mini versions to give guests a taste of different potions that blend beautifully with your salad or main course.

Petite Bites

Entertaining Company photo by Studio This Is

There are few things that party-guests love more than tiny bites. Get clever with your menu and create items and courses around your guests and things that they have accomplished or done in 2016. Friends had a new baby? Petite pigs in a blanket. Your sister has a new job? Tiny milkshakes with a drink stirrer that says “way to shake things up!”

Wish Balloons

DL Loft photo by Carasco Photography

Create a bevy of wishes for your guests and tuck them inside balloons (along with a few lottery tickets!) before filling them up. Decorate your space with dozens of balloons and send your guests home with their wishes for the new year at the end of the evening.

Make it Interactive

Paramount Events photo by Cat Mouton

Hire a bartender to teach cocktail-crafting or invite your guests to roll pasta and make your dinner together.  Bring in an art teacher and have them lead your guests in mini- watercolor class. Or break out the selfie stick and have a music video challenge. Letting your guests get goofy and creative is memorable.

The Resolution Party

Wantz Events photo by Jeff Schear

Go rogue for the last hurrah of the year and invite guests to come cozy to a resolution soiree. Include a yoga instructor to start, or download the Peloton app and follow along with one of their virtual sessions. Follow the workout with a spa-inspired dinner and games in front of the fire.