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Top 10 Event Decor Trends of 2016… SO FAR!

We have seen anything and everything in event decor and trends so far in 2016, from vibrant video projection walls to dramatically long tables (think 100+ people) to chandeliers that do so much more than simply light the room. Here are our PartySlate picks for the Top Event Decor Trends of 2016… so far!


Event designers in 2016 have taken a cue from the architectural world: strive to always draw the eye up. Adding whimsical details on the ceiling, like paper flowers, cutout clouds, architectural orbs and festive flags are a way to dress up any ballroom, tent or event space.

See some of our favorite images of fantastic ceiling decor


HMR Designs photo by Cindy Fandl Photography

A great way to add drama to any event, videos projected onto event space walls are gaining popularity in 2016. This cost-effective use of movement, light and color can truly transform a space into an amazing atmosphere.


Photo by Robin Rachel Photography

A little lighting trickery never hurt anyone. Geometric patterns splashed down the wedding aisle or onto a dance floor are certainly a way take your event decor into a whole new dimension.


Photo by Kina Wicks Photography

Sitting at a traditional round table pretty much allows guests to chat up their companion to the left and right. Long, elegant tables, called King’s Tables, up conversation ability, encouraging guests to interact. Raising the intimacy quotient, the overall look of long tables comes across as more clean and modern.


Photo by Jai Girard Photography

Signature drinks in the past have often consisted of fruity concoctions, sometimes leaving men with fewer options. In 2016, the rise of his-and-hers cocktails has brought some interest back to the bar. Offering up a sophisticated stem glass for the ladies and a über-cool rocks glass for the men has made this trend a popular one.


Photo by Carla Ten Eyck

Taking a nod from popular interior design, the ornamental chandelier takes center stage for event purposes this year. Serving for both function and impact, chandeliers, whether group together or hung throughout the room, can soften an event’s feel and add an elegant element without overpowering.


Photo by Andre LaCour

Its been done with jewelry and fashion for several years now, so it should be no surprise this cool hue combo has seen a warming trend in the event business. Rosy shades for linens and floral complemented with gold accents have made a big splash. And let’s face it—everyone looks good in pink.


Photo by John Cain Sargent

While this isn’t a brand new concept, curated lounge areas within receptions and galas have certainly become bigger and better in 2016. Strategically positioned couches, pillows and cocktail tables immediately invite guests to let loose. Personal touches like framed pictures make you forget you’re at a party with 600 of your closest friends.


Photo by Q Avenue Photo

Parked either inside or out, everyone’s favorite mobile form of sustenance has made its way into the event scene. This party favor seems to roll up toward the evening’s end, marking the time when the real fun begins.


Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

Stark light bulbs, wrought iron, exposed pipes and brick backdrops have presented themselves as a veritable design choice in 2016. City spaces like Bridgeport Art Center, Gallery 1028, Revel Fulton Market and Prairie Productions have the industrial blank space ready for any type of manufacturing-chic you can dream up.