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Top 16 Event Planners in Miami & Palm Beach

planner: Carrie Zack Events | decor: Always Flowers & Events | venue: W South Beach | photographer: Suzanne Delawar Studios

by PartySlate

Landmark and historic hotels sit alongside modern resorts in the glamorous communities of Palm Beach and Miami in South Florida. The beach also provides a fittingly beautiful backdrop for everything from stunning wedding ceremonies to sandy corporate parties. All of that celebrating — by residents and destination seekers alike — demands top-notch event planners. We’ve done all of the work for you and curated this list of top planners in Palm Beach and Miami. These event professionals produce reliably gorgeous events and will offer you and your guests a memorable experience in the Sunshine State.

Specialities: full-service wedding and event planning

PartySlate Insight: We love this team’s passion and how they invest time and energy in really getting to know their clients, which makes for highly-personalized celebrations. Hosts describe them as “a calming presence” — perfect for a potentially stressful, but ultimately joyful, day.

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We are in the business of creating someone’s best day ever. This is exciting stuff! So our tone is always in deep gratitude and complete celebration of just that. We are passionate — often gushing about the beautiful details and showering praise on our vendors, partners and clients in authentic and original ways. We are fun and friendly, even when showing the most high-end imagery and execution. We are approachable and the kind of best friend you want to have at your next event. We are engaged (in this case, we don’t mean it in the matrimony way). We reply and respond to every comment, call people by first name and remember key dates and details about the people and things we love. We are the absolute best friend you never knew you needed, and that you quickly learn you can’t live without! Everyday is someone’s best day ever. And we are co-creators of yours. Planners of the impossible turned possible. Transformers of can’ts into cans, dreams and what-ifs into “we’ll make it happen” absolutes. Creators of events that leave people talking.

In the past year, we have had: a groom and his best men perform an entire surprise hip-hop dance routine; an all-red wedding; a skeleton as a sign-in book and custom pill vials filled with chocolates as the take-aways since our couple was in medical school; the bride do the worm in her custom Berta gown; and a sunrise wedding and individual scooters waiting for every guest to drive to a nearby diner we rented out for a morning breakfast reception. And the list goes on.

Specialities: high-end weddings (including destination weddings), social events, and celebratory trips for large groups

PS statement: A passion for travel allows this team to put a unique spin on celebratory events. They have a diverse portfolio of different types of events in varied local and far-flung locales — and they are all stunning.

What has been one of your favorite events of the past year and why?   

The creation and planning of a wedding celebration on a tiny island in the Bahamas. From arranging all the various types of needed transportation (as you can only get to the island by boat) to the decision to not ship any items required for the celebration to the island, but rather to work with the local inhabitants and use everything that was organic to the location — we created an incredible, unforgettable weekend experience.


PartySlate Insight: This sought-after, full-service luxury planning studio has developed a loyal following of hosts who urge others to “listen to their recommendations” because their beautiful tone and flawless execution manage to be both on-trend and timeless.

Specialties: all types of events including corporate parties, but our speciality areas are definitely weddings and Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations

PartySlate Insight: This warm, personable team reliably produces flawless events while thinking outside of the box to offer a unique vision. We love how their highly-personalized service makes you feel like you are their only client.

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We are a team of four, and we work on all of our events together. Instead of getting one planner, our clients gets four of us, allowing for as much attention as possible. We truly like to make each client feel as though they’re our only client.

PartySlate Insight: This professional team is known for being organized and creative — a right-brain, left-brain combo that’s hard to come by; as a result, their events are planned impeccably and are memorably personalized.

Specialties: weddings and corporate events (mainly for beauty influencers)

PartySlate Insight: This team draws inspiration from sources as varied as contemporary fashion, art, and interior design, which makes for totally unique celebrations. We love how their brand activations create conversation and buzz.

PartySlate Insight: We appreciate this planner’s passion for detail and how he leverages his many year of experience to curate a stress-free positive experience for every couple. In fact, couples say this team has a “gift” for planning events.

PartySlate Insight: We appreciate this team’s ability to turn each client’s aesthetic into his or her own super-personal, sophisticated event. They seamlessly combine world trends with classic design.

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We establish a true personal connection with our clients, which organically leads to authentic, extraordinary moments within each and every event. Every couple is unique and their events should be too. We make ourselves exclusive to only a few couples and events to make sure we offer the most personalized and intimate service. We have impeccable taste, but most importantly, are sought after for our innate ability to blend client’s personal vision with a refined and understatedly elegant aesthetic. We are fun, creative, sometimes wild, sometimes restrained — but never standard.

Specialties: social/weddings and corporate.

PartySlate Insight: We love Keith Willard Events team’s can-do attitude paired with their creative vision — both make them a pleasure to work with and, even more than that, a pleasure to be around.

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I pride myself in ensuring that every couple has the opportunity to have the wedding of their dreams. My clients have a wide range of budgets and I want to make sure that every single couple gets a truly personal experience. I tell people all the time that I want to inject joy back into the wedding process. After the initial engagement “Yes” – couples often make the mistake of reaching out to a few vendors and locations and immediately then get inundated by questions, usually starting with “What Is Your Budget?” Usually my clients really have no idea of what their budget is yet and need to have a basic understanding of what’s normal and customary. My meetings always start with education. Here are the basic numbers, here are some options to add the extras or here are some opportunities to reduce the overall budget. No one should ever feel that their wedding is not enough and no one should ever feel that vendors are trying to milk them. Joy starts from the beginning and how my couples feel during the process will enhance the final day!


PS Insight: This planning team boasts years of experience in designing personal, unforgettable events. We appreciate how they develop beautiful, delectable menus for their celebrations.

PS statement: We appreciate Davis’ wide-ranging relevant experience that has led to 21 successful years as an event planner — her expertise is evident in each of her gorgeous, seamless celebrations.

Specialty: weddings

PartySlate Insight: We appreciate that this planning team also owns its own floral design company, which makes for a gorgeous, cohesive vision and seamless guest experience at their highly-personalized weddings.

What has been one of your favorite events of the past year and why?

I had the pleasure of designing a very avant-garde design for an NFL player and his lovely, stylish wife at The Temple House — an innovative venue featuring full wall-to-wall video mapping. My favorite design style is actually “architectural elegance” and not really the over-the-top floral designs that I’m known for, so when this couple gave me “carte blanche” to do whatever I wanted, I took the opportunity in making a bold statement with a geometric-style dance floor and also created “a floral highway” on the long royal tables with a lean floral arch mimicking a highway bridge with solid white roses and hundreds of candles. To me it’s all about that high impact visual created by clean lines.

Speciality: luxury weddings

PartySlate Insight: With experience in custom, high-end stationery and invitations, this dedicated team knows how to plan a chic celebration from the very first step. We love how cohesive and sophisticated their events inevitably are.

What has been one of your favorite events of the past year and why?

One of my favorite events was a wedding at Mar-a-Lago. The bride was very adamant about having things at her wedding that haven’t been done before or are not typical. This truly allowed us to bring some great ideas to the table such as champagne glass escort cards, unconventional table settings — there were only eight tables plus a head table and they sat 20 to 40 guests at each making for a very different floor plan. The tables were either giant Ls or serpentine, again creating something that is not your everyday floor plan. Those are just a couple of the ways we helped the bride achieve her vision.

Specialities: all social events (weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, corporate, etc.)

PartySlate Insight: Pairing with this team is like partnering with your best friend — if your best friend happened to have impeccable taste, a strong network, and an ability to plan boutique, bespoke celebrations.

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My entire team is made up of former Bar and Bat Mitzvah dancers. I started in this industry as one, and I realized that no one can run an event better than people who have been on that side of the celebrations! We were all on the other side for so long that we not only know how to treat partners, but we also know all the ins-and-outs of what it takes to produce a successful timeline and run an amazing celebration. Anyone can call themselves an “event planner” but not everyone can run an event like we can. We are famous for our timelines and our on-the-spot decision making.

Specialities: weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, awards ceremonies, bridal showers, and baby showers

PartySlate Insight: We love how this team brings personality and heart to every celebration with unforgettable design installations and beautiful experiences. They are also known for making complicated plans easy to understand.

Share something different or unique about your company.  
We love using technology to embrace the uniqueness of each event. For example, we create 3-D virtual tours of the event space before the day of the event and incorporate live streaming services for those couples who have guests who are unable to attend, are elderly or infirm, and/or who may live in another country, so that they may join the special celebration from the comfort of their home.

Leveraging apps and virtual technology — such as Facebook messenger, texting, and Zoom video conferencing — allows us to work with clients who want to engage several (often, non-local) family members in the decision making process. We use every resource available to provide exceptional customer service, including providing specialized tools to make the planning process as efficient as possible —  and even enjoyable.

We have an internship program inviting college interns in the Hospitality and Event Management programs from colleges such as FAU, Lynn University, and FIU to learn what’s required to become an event planner and director of creative experiences. This is one way that we give back to our industry and community at large. Plus, we like to donate money from each event to scholarships for college students who are in the hospitality programs of these universities.


Specialities: weddings and corporate events

PartySlate Insight: We love how this team brings glamour and sophistication to every event — all while maintaining a sense of surprise and drama. Their approach makes for wow moments throughout.

What has been one of your favorite events of the past year and why?

We recently produced a lovely Palm Beach wedding for a beautiful young couple at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum on Palm Beach Island. This wedding was a bit of a challenge as we were brought on only 7 weeks before the wedding day as the previous planner on the job did not work out. We basically started from scratch with a family that was already rattled and stressed out because of their dissatisfaction with their previous planner. We knew we would win these clients over and it was our goal to turn their negative experience into a positive one and we knew we would bend over backwards to make that happen for them. The entire family was lovely and we really wanted to ensure that from the moment they hired YSD Events, they thoroughly enjoyed the planning process and we wanted to help them release their stress and focus on enjoying their big day. We started over with all of their vendors and ultimately everything came together for them and they had the most spectacular and flawless wedding.  The décor was mostly lush, white florals mixed with green tropical foliage and every detail was thought about and designed from gorgeous custom linens to beautiful custom printed menus and day-of printed material. We even dictate to our vendors the mood of the event and how we would like them to dress so that the vibe we are trying to achieve carries through. Even the weather cooperated and guests enjoyed cocktails during golden hour as the sun set over the Palm Beach skyline.  

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