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Total Entertainment Sets the Standard for Experiential Event Entertainment

Coney Island Christmas Celebration

North Jersey-based entertainment and production company Total Entertainment has a long history of exceeding expectations. Whether clients are searching for live music, full-scale AV and technology services, custom builds, or anything in between, they can rely on Total Entertainment to get the job done — and then some. The team approaches every event with boundless imagination, over three decades of experience, and the drive to tackle any challenge that they’re presented with.

Total Entertainment produces events that clients will never forget. The team’s creativity is unmatched, which leads to event experiences that are unique to each client. Their in-house development and fabrication team produces designs that meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Thanks to years of honing their craft and building industry connections, Total Entertainment has the ability to create events that redefine “outstanding.”

We sat down with Founder Marc Jason and Chief Operating Officer Bhavika Patel to learn more about what makes Total Entertainment exceptional. Keep reading for their answers and insights.

How does Total Entertainment think outside the box when curating event entertainment?

Total Entertainment thrives on creating one-of-a-kind experiences for our clientele. We combine a few ingredients to make this happen. We look at trends, sustainability, and the target market of each event. From there, our in-house team will begin production and curation of interactive experiences. Internally, we have the unique ability to build, brand, and execute our ideas to bring them to life and ultimately provide our client with lasting memories.

What are some of the most stand-out experiences that you’ve created at events? Do you have any favorite projects?

Total Entertainment recently built a food conveyor belt system. The following week, we were able to utilize the concept for another event for a financial institution. We lined the belt with piggy banks as part of an interactive activation. We are also developing a concept that allows us to take a remote speaker based in another state and bring them in on a physical ballroom stage — all by using virtual technology similar to Beam Me Up technology.

What sort of clients does Total Entertainment work with?

A few of our favorite clients include Google, HBO, Spotify, BCRF, New York-Presbyterian, and Lamborghini at Art Basel.

What can event hosts expect throughout the process of working with Total Entertainment?

We have a dedicated staff, and our collective mission statement is to stay humble and hungry. The best relationships revolve around trust and understanding that we are truly partnering to bring clients’ visions to life. We want to take their events to the next level, which starts at pre-production and ends with the attendee experience. Each step of the way, our staff drives the project forward to the finish line.

What advice do you have for brands seeking creative and memorable activations?

Every event starts with a clear understanding of what drives the client, which means defining the target market and audience. Ask your vendor partners for ideas of what elements can be customized. At Total Entertainment, we want our clients to feel our creativity and have the ability to choose from a wide variety of ideas. Event activations should be exciting and new — that’s what makes them stand out on online media platforms. With that understanding, we strive to help clients build activations that turn heads.

Can you describe a time you translated an experiential idea from one event to another?

We noticed that “Carpool Karaoke” from The Late Late Show with James Corden was trending and decided to fabricate our own version for a social event. That project was so successful that it became our most requested activation experience for corporate holiday events.

Marc Jason, Founder, Total Entertainment

Marc Jason
Total Entertainment

Bhavika Patel
Chief Operating Officer
Total Entertainment

People also ask…

What kind of entertainment do I need for my corporate event?

Top-notch entertainment is an amazing way to keep guests engaged and make your corporate event unforgettable. Customizing performances throughout the entire event helps your celebration stand out, so think beyond the dance floor. Interactive elements — like Total Entertainment’s take on “Carpool Karaoke” — are sure to keep guests talking about your event. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask your entertainment vendor for recommendations of creative ways to entertain attendees.