Tuesday Top 5

Tuesday Top 5: Wow Guests With Interactive Entertainment

Of course we love rushing to the dance floor when our favorite tune blares — but we also appreciate being surprised by unusual activities at an event. This week, we’re taking a moment to highlight entertainers who not only captivate and delight, but also interact with guests. We’re talking memorable experiences such as fortunes foretold and amazing magical feats as well as take-home gifts like personalized poems, hand-lettered acrylic tiles, and wax hands (yes, you read that right). Keep guests talking long after the confetti settles with these 5 fun interactive entertainment ideas.

1. Do You Believe in Magic?

There will be no pulling a coin from behind your ear with these magicians — they surprise and delight with feats you haven’t seen before. From close-up magic to performances in front of a large audience, expect laughs, oohs and aahs, and lots of “How did they do that?” post-event conversations. The Magic Penthouse strives to create an experience rather than just a show, and accomplishes that through engaging guests in their illusions, making everyone feel included (while at the same time baffled).

 2. The Name Game

If you’ve ever tried your hand at calligraphy — you know, in that intro class you took on a whim with a friend — then you already know that it’s harder than it looks. Calligraphy is a gorgeous written art form and your individual failed attempts will make you appreciate seeing your own name in intricate script even more. Carla Hagan Calligraphy & Design creates flawless script for everything from invitations to place cards, but can also act as live entertainment at an event, offering guests an up-close view on the craft, as well as a special, personalized take-home gift.

3. Takeaways That’ll Make You Melt

Perhaps you’ve seen wax hand stations offering momentos as places as varied as museums and festivals, but  Chicago Wax Hands has created a mobile option that will have party guests lining up for both the experience and the event keepsake. Strike a pose — maybe a peace or an “okay” sign, or intertwine your fingers with a loved one — then dip into colored wax for a super-personal, fun take-home gift. Guests can experiment with colors and designs, adding block letters, tie-dye dips, and even splattered wax for their one-of-a-kind creations.

4. Prose-filled Party

In an age where “LOL” passes for meaningful communication, it’s a treat to delight in the written word — on paper, from a (wait for it) typewriter, gasp! The lyrical souls from Rent Poet type up custom on-the-spot poems for guests to take home. Each partygoer chooses his or her ode-worthy topic, then a poet perched at a hip, vintage-style typewriter taps out gorgeous artistic prose that’s far from a party trick.

5. Read My Lips

“Lipsology” isn’t something you need to visit a plastic surgeon for, but rather is the art and science of lip print reading. Turns out all of the napkins you’ve blotted your pre-date lips on actually held information about your personality and potential future. The certified Lipsologists at Lip Messages, LLC have guests apply lipstick then leave their mark on custom cards which they then fill with insightful, personal notes. The lip print reading sessions are fun and lighthearted for all assembled, but have also been described as “scarily accurate.”

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