Bride and groom made recessional exit at vintage wedding theme ceremony | PartySlate
photographer: Judah Avenue Photography | planner: Perfect Planning Events | floral: BCG Events
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Everything Old is New: 20 Vintage Wedding Theme Ideas

Bride and groom made recessional exit at vintage wedding theme ceremony | PartySlate

Some wedding themes never go out of style. A vintage wedding theme might honor the past, but its novel design and chic approach ensure this style is always in vogue. Best of all, this versatile theme can accommodate everything from a modern to a rustic touch.

At PartySlate, we search through thousands of real wedding albums to find the best wedding ideas and inspiration. Keep reading to discover our top vintage wedding theme ideas for an old-fashioned, yet totally fashionable, celebration. It’s time to rediscover the appeal of lace, crystal, gilded elements, and more.

1. Vintage Photo Ops

The newlyweds pose in front of a baby blue 1965 convertible that once belonged to the bride’s grandmother  — proving some styles never go out of fashion.

The newlyweds pose in front of a baby blue 1965 convertible that once belonged to the bride's grandmother  — proving some styles never go out of fashion.
photographer: KT Merry Photography | Daughter of Design See More

2. Brooch Wedding Bouquet

This bride repurposed her mother’s original wedding dress and grandmother’s vintage jewelry to create a custom-made couture wedding bouquet — all with the help of a talented designer.

Vintage brooch wedding bouquet made of out of bride's mother's wedding dress and grandmother's vintage jewelry | PartySlate
photographer: Abella Studios | Forever Brooch Bouquets See More

3. Wax Seal Invitations

Make your mark before the celebration even begins with invitations pressed with a wax seal. Moreover, incorporate your custom monogram for a personalized touch.

Green and cream wedding invitations with vintage wax seal | PartySlate
photographer: Daniel Kim Photography | Victoria York Design See More

4. Feathery Fashions

A bride makes her recessional exit in high fashion. A feathered headpiece and bouquet set the tone for this glamorous vintage wedding. We especially love how the flowers complement the groom’s velvet jacket for a seamless wedding color theme

Bride and groom made recessional exit at vintage wedding theme ceremony | PartySlate
photographer: Judah Avenue Photography | Perfect Planning Events See More

5. Wrought Iron Décor

Wrought iron conjures everything from fairytale gardens to Parisian estates. Capture the artistry of years past with a wrought iron gazebo and seating.

Wrought iron gazebo and seating at garden vintage wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Andrew Weeks Photography See More

6. Vintage Lanterns

Suspended vintage lanterns bring old-world charm to an exchange of vows. We also love how a wooden room divider reimagines the traditional wedding arch.

Dark and moody vintage wedding ceremony with suspended lanterns | PartySlate
photographer: Erin and Geoffrey Photography | Firefly Ambiance See More

7. Vintage Luggage Trunks

Much like Ellis Island of old, a wedding represents future hopes and dreams. Cue the energy of  old-school New York with vintage luggage trunks for the trip of a lifetime.

Old New York style vintage wedding theme with luggage backdrop | PartySlate
photographer: Nolan Conway | Nova Events by Greta McNebb See More

8. Ceremonial Pew Seating

In an age of mass production, distinguish your wedding ceremony with repurposed church pews, mixed with bentwood cafe chairs. Click “See More” to see how vintage-style rugs brought an eclectic touch to these outdoor nuptials. 

Outdoor vintage wedding theme with pew seating and bentwood cafe chairs | PartySlate
photographer: Lynette Boyle Photography | Madix & Co. See More

8. Vintage Wedding Theme Baskets

We love vintage materials that come to life in an artist’s hands. Take baskets, for one. Vintage baskets make for beautiful centerpieces, photo ops, and other décor opportunities.

Teal bicycle with basket filled with flowers for vintage wedding theme | PartySlate
photographer: Laurie Bracewell Photography | Something Fabulous See More

9. Antique Gilt Frames

Antique gilt frames bring vintage glamour to everything from signage to escort walls. Moreover, gilt frames work well with hybrid wedding styles, such as this vintage-industrial wedding celebration.

Vintage wedding theme with gold gilt picture frame escort wall with boxwood backdrop | PartySlate
photographer: Jacqui Cole Photography | Tracie Domino Events See More

10. Baby’s Breath Décor

While baby’s breath is hotter than ever, this dreamy flower harkens back to Victorian gardens. Whether as a centerpiece or wedding arch, baby’s breath brings romantic vibes to any vintage wedding.

Rustic vintage wedding theme with baby's breath décor | PartySlate
photographer: Gloria Mesa Photography | Gloria Mesa Photography See More

11. Vintage Doily Linen

Visit any home from the Victorian era to the 1950s, and you’d likely find doilies raised to the level of fine art. This beautiful crocheted art form transforms any table (or even serving tray) into an instant photo op.

Intimate fall vintage wedding table with doily | PartySlate
photographer: Jessica Manns Photography | Sage Catering See More

12. Vintage Wedding Theme Typewriters

Immerse guests with an engaging activity that incorporates your vintage wedding theme. We love how this couple invited guests to type a heartfelt note. Too tipsy to type? No problem. Vintage vinyls were on hand, as well.

Vintage type writer at vintage theme wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Chellise Michael Photography | Nova Events by Greta McNebb See More

13. Wedding Gift Card Bird Cages

Keep your wedding cards secure with a vintage bird cage crafted from wrought iron or distressed wood. Trust us, your wedding photographer will approve.

Vintage wedding gift card bird cage | PartySlate
photographer: Jacqui Cole Photography | Tracie Domino Events See More

14. Vintage Chinaware

Give guests the royal treatment with beautifully-designed vintage chinaware at each place setting. You can also use fine china to incorporate your wedding color palette

Vintage wedding china for wedding reception | PartySlate
photographer: Adam Opris Photography | Luxurious Events See More

15. Vintage Décor Elements

Create beautiful vignettes with vintage décor elements that capture your era of choice. Guests will love posing with such fun and unique items. 

Vintage knick knacks for retro wedding | PartySlate
photo courtesy of: Pat Frey Designs See More

16. Vintage Book Centerpieces

It’s true: reading never goes out of style. Still, we love how vintage books harken back to the days before smartphones and TVs. We will easily forgive any guests that indulge in some light reading during the repast.

Vintage wedding with novel centerpieces | PartySlate
photographer: Christine Glebov Photography See More

17. Vintage Lace

A wedding dress isn’t the only place for vintage lace. Use vintage lace to decorate tablescapes (and even seating) for a romantic and dreamy vibe.

Vintage wedding theme with gold reception chairs draped in lace | PartySlate
photographer: Erika Grace Photography See More

18. Shimmering Crystal Décor

Add vintage European glamour to any wedding reception with crystal candelabras. We especially love how tall tapered candles and velvet linen bring pops of color to this refined tablescape.

Vintage glam wedding tablescape with blue linen and crystal candelabras with tall blue taper candles | PartySlate
photographer: Rodrigo Varela Photography | Plan Design Events See More

19. French Bergère Lounge Area

With upholstered French bergère seating, lounging has never looked more elegant.  We love how glittering chandeliers and a vintage rug transform the outdoors into a stylish living room fit for a palace.

Courtyard with upholstered French bergère seating at outdoor vintage wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Jessica Claire Photography | Imagine…Weddings & Special Events See More

20. Gilt Vintage Wedding Theme Cake

Add molding, aka gold icing, to your wedding cake for vintage appeal. Dessert has never looked sweeter.

White wedding cake with gold icing | PartySlate
photographer: Jacqui Cole Photography | Tracie Domino Events See More

People Also Ask…

What are some vintage wedding theme styles?

Vintage wedding themes vary — with plenty of room for a fresh and creative approach. Click on the following vintage wedding styles to add your own flair to this unique theme.

What kind of entertainment should I include in my vintage wedding? 

In addition to a live band or DJ, consider entertainment that will augment your wedding theme. For a 1940s theme wedding, for example, consider dressing the part and performing a first dance foxtrot. On the other hand, a more retro vintage wedding could feature a vinyl record DJ booth. Make sure to talk to your wedding planner to come up with other creative ways to incorporate entertainment into your vintage celebration.

Where can I find a venue for my vintage wedding?

Head to PartySlate’s curated venue directory to find an available event space for your vintage celebration. Make sure to narrow your search location, guest count, and amenities for the best results.