Wedding dance floor at The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago with music by Arlen Music Productions | PartySlate
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12 Bands and DJs Share Why a Wedding MC is a Must-Have

Wedding dance floor at The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago with music by Arlen Music Productions | PartySlate

Your wedding day involves many moving parts. A wedding MC (also known as a master of ceremonies or emcee) ensures that your wedding timeline unfolds smoothly. An MC walks the fine line between event coordinator and wedding entertainment. In addition to introducing the wedding party and making other formal announcements, an MC keeps the crowd engaged at all times.

PartySlate asked 12 of the top bands and DJs in the country to weigh in on the importance of hiring an MC for your wedding day. The results are unanimous. Hiring an MC should always top your wedding to-do list. Keep reading to discover why hiring this wedding vendor is a must — plus learn pro tips on selecting the best MC for your celebration.

What Does an MC do at a Wedding?

Your wedding MC curates your guest experience throughout the wedding reception. Diana Anderson, Marketing Manager of Moments Notice, tells us, “We firmly believe that the emcee guides the tone and timeline for the evening while allowing the music and the energy of the guests to fuel the event.”

DJ MOJOE elaborates, “The last thing you would want is for your guests to be confused about what to do and not be present with what’s happening. An MC leads by grabbing and directing attention for any key moments and creating a fun yet organized environment so everyone at your wedding can let loose and enjoy the evening.”

Kareem K.W.O.E. Wells, Owner of Flow Entertainment, sums it up perfectly. For an MC, “The goal is to amplify what the couple wants to feel and take it to 200%. If the couple gives 100% of what they really love, you have to give 100% of what you know.”

PRO TIP: “Many entertainment pros are adding emcees to their rosters, so ask your band or DJ about their ability to direct the crowd. More than likely, the entertainment you hire will have an emcee or be able to give some references. Reputation is key, so check out their work with other planners and vendors.” – Clay Johnson, Singer and MC of The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra

Why You Need to Hire an MC, According to Top Bands and DJs

In no particular order…

1. Arlen Music Productions

Arlen Music Productions performs at elegant wedding | PartySlate
photographer: KingenSmith | entertainment: Arlen Music Productions

Acts as Seamless Master of the Itinerary

Evanston, IL

“A good MC will implement your itinerary, make all the important introductions and announcements, and create the flow that is essential to the success of every wedding.

If the MC is also your bandleader, he/she will integrate music selection with every aspect of your evening. Also your MC will create the vibe that is a reflection of your friends and family. Our style at Arlen Music Productions is warm and inviting.” – Ken Arlen, Owner

Arlen Music Productions

Arlen Music Productions

Evanston, Illinois

2. Flow Entertainment, Inc

Flow Entertainment, Inc is the wedding mc and performer on high-energy dance floor | PartySlate
photographer: Slav | Flow Entertainment, Inc

Reads the Room & Makes Everyone Comfortable

Chicago, IL

“I think it’s super important to hire an MC along with your DJ or Band for your wedding day. This allows the DJ or Band to focus strictly on the music — the music that the couple requested and the music that you know matches what they want to hear.

Also, the importance of having a good MC is that the MC can read the room. The MC can cater to the couple, their parents and grandparents, and all the guests. They can make the guests all feel welcome throughout the party and create those different magic moments with the music.” – Kareem K.W.O.E. Wells, Owner

Flow Entertainment, Inc

Flow Entertainment, Inc

Chicago, Illinois

3. The Gold Coast All Stars

The Gold Coast All Stars perform at wedding with blue uplighting and suspended floral ceiling décor | PartySlate
photographer: The Day by Ira Lippke | entertainment: The Gold Coast All Stars

Complements & Commands the Event (Without Overshadowing)

Chicago, IL

“We always include MC’s in all of our band packages. There’s an art to being tasteful — and our philosophy is to announce people with enthusiasm, get guests where they need to go — to seamlessly move the night along.

We don’t try to interject our personalities like a gameshow host into the middle of your big day. Its important to be in command of the night without overshadowing what’s happening — it should be a complement.” Danny Chaimson, President & CEO

The Gold Coast All Stars

The Gold Coast All Stars

Chicago, Illinois

4. Entourage

Entourage Band performs and MCs at Chicago wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Elizabeth Nord Photography | entertainment: Entourage

Sets a Warm & Welcome Tone

Chicago, IL

“Your MC can set the tone for the entire wedding atmosphere. You will need them to have a warm and welcoming personality mixed with a clear speech pattern that can translate to all types of rooms and levels of guest attentiveness.

I take pride in striking the balance between friendly, commanding, and concise.” – Leslie Hunt, Band Leader



Chicago, Illinois

PRO TIP: “It’s also important to not hire a friend or a family member to MC because they will need be accessible 100% of the time by the team of people coordinating all of the moving parts.” – Leslie Hunt, Bandleader of Entourage

5. The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra performs for high-energy crowd at wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Amy Arrington Photography | entertainment: The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra

Enhances the Couple’s Original Vision

Charleston, SC

“First and foremost, an experienced Master of Ceremonies will bring joy and levity to the celebration while at the same time direct seamless transitions between your planned activities. This is most important to keep the event moving forward without any confusion.

Keep in mind that whoever is holding the microphone will have the most immediate influence over the mood of the room. The planners and the designers may create the perfect atmosphere, but the voices and the sounds from the stage will either enhance or diminish (or worse) your original vision.” – Clay Johnson, Singer & Emcee

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra

Charleston, South Carolina

6. Power Parties DJ’s, Lighting and Hora Locas

Wedding dance floor filled with people and confetti while Power Parties DJ's, Lighting and Hora Locas djs | PartySlate
photographer: Patty Nash Photography | entertainment: Power Parties DJ’s, Lighting and Hora Locas

Allows DJ (or Band) to be Focused

Miami, FL

“Having an MC not only provides added energy to your event, it also allows the DJ to remain focused (as when there is a MC he/she typically leads the way).” – Big Will, President

Power Parties DJ's, Lighting and Hora Locas

Power Parties DJ’s, Lighting and Hora Locas

Miami, Florida


DJ MOJOE emcees and performs at wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Burgundy Blue Photo | entertainment: DJ MOJOE

Unites Everyone’s Focus & Energy

Simi Valley, CA

“People need human connection. We often communicate through texts and social media in today’s digital world. While this can be convenient, there is no denying that we crave human interaction, especially with what we’ve been through these past couple of years.

An MC bridges the diversity of people at a wedding by acknowledging the experience everyone is having and uniting people’s feelings and energy. It’s a reminder to enjoy the moment, be present, and celebrate the good times ahead.” – DJ MOJOE, Owner



Simi Valley, California

8. Troy Curtis Entertainment

Troy Curtis Entertainment performs at milestone birthday party | PartySlate
photo courtesy of & entertainment: Troy Curtis Entertainment

Translates a Seamless Flow, From Paper to Party

New York, NY

“Having a seasoned MC can be one of the most important elements to having a successful event. Party planners spend countless hours working on the perfect timeline and event flow. A seasoned MC knows how to stay on the timeline and most importantly, how to get back on the timeline if any unpredictable event happens. A seasoned MC also knows how to read the crowd and help conduct a seamless flow that is translated from paper to the party.” Troy Curtis, CEO & Creative Director

Troy Curtis Entertainment

Troy Curtis Entertainment

New York, New York

PRO TIP: “It’s important to have an MC on your wedding day who will not only work with your vendors to help keep you on track and on time, but will also help with announcements so your guests feel like they are a part of the wedding and part of the adventure.” – Mark Addington, Owner of Mark Addington Events

9. Moments Notice

Wedding with Moments Notice as entertainment | PartySlate
photographer: Jackie Cooper Photography | entertainment: Moments Notice

Creates Excitement Around Introductions & More

Denver, CO

“When you hire Jerry Barnett Orchestra or the Moments Notice Band, our band leader is ‘the’ emcee throughout the reception. He/She is there to welcome, punctuate the timeline of events that will be unveiled throughout the evening, and ultimately create excitement around introducing the evening’s key guests. This sets the tone for a fun and energetic event and creates excitement for everyone.” – Diana Anderson, Marketing Manager

Moments Notice

Moments Notice

Denver, Colorado

10. Mark Addington Events

Man dances to Mark Addington Events band at wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Monica Lam Photography | entertainment: Mark Addington Events

Adds Upbeat Energy & Gets Everyone Engaged

San Francisco, CA

“A great MC can elevate your wedding celebration by adding upbeat energy to Wedding Party introductions, helping pull off the latest TikTok wedding trends with simple explanations, and creating an overall tone of the wedding with announcements that fit the style of the couple. I feel that when everyone is having a blast before the dancing starts, it can only lead to an epic dance floor!” – Mark Addington, Owner & Emcee

Mark Addington Events

Mark Addington Events

San Francisco, California

11. Front of House

Front of House performs and emcees at wedding | PartySlate
photographer: I Luv Photo | entertainment: Front of House

Makes Your Event Personalized & Meaningful

Chicago, IL

“When I am emceeing, I think of myself as host of a rehearsed, televised awards show. I try and make everything run smoothly and focus the energy of the party so that we have big, joyful moments together.

I do everything from introducing a speaker to explaining the family story behind a special dance. I try to make things feel personalized and elegant.” – David Sherman, Band Leader

Front of House

Front of House

Chicago, Illinois

12. Vybe Society

Vybe Society Band at Wedding | PartySlate
photographer: Ken Viale Photography | entertainment: Vybe Society

Keeps Guests in the Know

Oakland, CA

“Without a good MC, your guests may miss out on key events (i.e. entrances, toasts, and dances). The MC can also highlight key features that you may have included that guests may not notice or miss because they are focused on seeing people they have not seen in awhile (i.e. a special activity, photo booth, memory board, etc.). 

Depending on your venue, the MC can be used during the ceremony to make critical announcements and live introductions that help your guests, wedding party, and you have an even more amazing day. The right MC can take your day from memorable to unforgettable.” – Tasche, Owner and Band Leader

Vybe Society

Vybe Society

Oakland, California

PRO TIP: “You can also elevate the party by having the MC and DJ do the wedding after-party, which is a new trend. They create a small, intimate, nightclub atmosphere — and play all those songs that you didn’t get to play at the wedding.” – Kareem K.W.O.E. Wells, Owner of Flow Entertainment

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