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Based in Chicago, Illinois - will travel regionally

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Calihan Catering emphasizes creative gourmet cuisine, impeccable service and innovative event concepts that set the mood and spirit for memorable events. For thirty years our clients have come to rely on our gourmet culinary expertise for intimate dinners, personalized weddings, corporate events, social fundraisers and contractual dining.

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A dramatic lion greeted guests as they entered this Jamaican themed Bar Mitzvah. Jamaican Theme Bar Mitzvah
Chicago, Illinois
Credited By Paulette Wolf Events
12 Photos
Photo Hosted By PartySlate Garden Wedding: Laura & Alex
Chicago, Illinois
Credited By SQN Events
25 Photos
Photo Hosted By PartySlate Modern Contemporary Wedding
Chicago, Illinois
Credited By Gallery 1028
9 Photos
Photo Hosted By PartySlate Samantha & Bob - Gallery 1028
Chicago, Illinois
Credited By CHI Chic Weddings & Events
28 Photos
Photo Hosted By PartySlate 2016 Butterfly Ball
Chicago, Illinois
Credited By Event Creative
14 Photos
Photo Hosted By PartySlate Chicago Lyric Opera, Opening Night Gala 2016
Chicago, Illinois
Credited By HMR Designs
11 Photos
Photo Hosted By PartySlate Gallery 1028 Open House
Chicago, Illinois
Credited By Gallery 1028
113 Photos
Imagine being invited to a birthday party where you’re instructed to show up at the MCA Warehouse, you know the Museum of Contemporary Art warehouse where they store things they’re not using in the museum.

When you arrive, you walk up to what appears to be First Class check in at O’Hare airport, red carpet entrance, check and tagged luggage, you’re greeted by airline attendants from the PanAm era. You head to the First Class lounge for some beverages before your flight takes off. There is music playing, all the while you gaze out the windows and watch the all the activity of the airplanes moving about. The PanAm attendant announced over the loud speaker, that everyone needs to head to the gate as the flight is bout to take off.

You walk through the hallways, nothing but Hawaiian travel brochures, signage, and freight tagged for Kauai, Hawaii, you’re beginning to realize where you’re traveling to. You head to TSA PreCheck and walk through metal detectors as security waves their wand over you. You’re approved to go the the gate. You walk down the neon lit hallways, just like you’re at an O’Hare terminal.

When you exit the elevator, you’re greeted with leis and prayer beads by two beautiful native Hawaiians. You’re given a hand carved pineapple drink as you walk into a luau with Hawaiian dancers performing. The entire upper level of the warehouse has been transformed into Kauai, Hawaii.

There were no details missed by the very talented Event Planner extraordinaire, Marcy Glink and her team from Great Events and Vince Hart and his team from Kehoe Designs. And with Larry King Orchestra rocking the house all night long, the celebration will be remembered forever! Hawaiian 65th Birthday | MCA Warehouse Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
Credited By Bob & Dawn Davis Photography & Design
87 Photos
Photo Hosted By PartySlate Tommy Bahama Themed Bar Mitzvah
Chicago, Illinois
Credited By Paulette Wolf Events
20 Photos
Photo Hosted By PartySlate Rustic Wedding Surrounded by Greenery
Chicago, Illinois
Credited By Clementine Custom Events
42 Photos

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