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Cameron & Kelly Studio

Based in Flagstaff, Arizona - will travel locally

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Cameron & Kelly Studio is Cameron Clark and Jamelle Kelly. You are getting a partnership of two photographers when you hire us. We tell authentic visual stories. We believe strongly that your event is not a styled shoot and most of the day we photograph candid and uninterrupted moments. Together we are passionate about what we do and it allows us a lot of flexibility and versatility. We travel all over the world to shoot weddings and events yet return to our slow-paced vacation town. We are your Western destination photographer. We are close to Utah, Colorado, Nevada and California. We seem to have a steady stream of Texas clientele and we love to shoot anniversaries, birthdays and special events.

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  • Placeholder 9bf97cb401326c8c364cc078ed399a298e180dd60a361ecc6607558776bba869 Based in Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Suitcase 3d4183df2bcf625c89be1031a731ff8c102ec46cf3a916e7fafd66796c22f427 Will Travel locally


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West Palm Beach, Florida
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Palm Beach, Florida
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