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Felici Events

Based in Santa Barbara, California - will travel locally

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Business owners, corporate planners and business professionals or maybe someone in your family is having a wedding or celebrating a milestone, if you want to join the 250+ client who have experienced a flawless Felici Event please call me, your guests are looking forward to it.
“When you hire an event planner you hire a designer, money manager, economic advisor, facilitator, mediator, organizer, producer and artist. We are the director of the fairytale and handle the setting, props and casting. We hold hands, coax vendors, organize the decorators, offer advice, negotiate contracts and keep records – track data
When you hire Felici Events, it’s as if gravity disappears – the weight of the world lifts from your shoulders.”

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  • Dollar sign in speech bubble f77acf386067cd61530b75a25b7ddd5e372a5ddb4a75ce0d51a54c62d46c67cf Min. Engagement $5,000*
  • Placeholder 9bf97cb401326c8c364cc078ed399a298e180dd60a361ecc6607558776bba869 Based in Santa Barbara, California
  • Suitcase 3d4183df2bcf625c89be1031a731ff8c102ec46cf3a916e7fafd66796c22f427 Will Travel locally
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* Partial Service = consultation plus production

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