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PartySlate is the first digital platform designed specifically for event professionals — a better way to showcase your work, build your brand and drive new leads. With PartySlate, event planners, decor companies, photographers, caterers, venues, entertainers and more can showcase their work to reach brides and other party hosts actively planning their next event.

Membership Plans

In addition to our free profile page, we also offer three premium membership packages to help you manage your profile, promote your business, build your brand and get your work in front of the clients you're trying to reach. Below is a snapshot of membership benefits for each plan. Contact us to learn more.

Premium Membership

Our premium membership offers your business the most exposure throughout the PartySlate platform and social network. Receive featured placements, editorial & social coverage, custom ads and a white-glove service team to completely manage your profile for you.
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  • Featured Placements in Best of Reports
  • Featured Placement in Directory
  • Featured Placements in Real Events
  • Custom Ads
  • Featured Editorial
  • Social Coverage & Promotion
  • Email Newsletter
  • White-Glove Service
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Account Manager
  • Invitation to Exclusive PartySlate Events
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Elevated Membership

Our elevated membership provides featured placements within our directory, featured placements within "Real Events" and a white-glove service team to help you manage your profile for you.
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  • Featured Placement in Directory
  • Featured Placements in Real Events
  • White-Glove Service
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Invitation to Exclusive PartySlate Events
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With this introductory membership, PartySlate can save you time by managing your profile for you. Our signature white-glove service can upload photos on your behalf, add descriptions, credit your partners, etc - ensuring your profile is always up to date.
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  • White-Glove Service
  • Upload Unlimited Events & Photos
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* prices vary on market size and business type
  Free Introductory Elevated Premium
Upload Unlimited Events & photos
White-Glove Service
Analytics & Reporting
Featured Placement in Real Events
Featured Placement in Directory
Invitations to Exclusive PartySlate Events
Custom Pro Ads
Social Coverage & Promotion
Featured Editorial
Email Newsletter
Featured Placements in Best of Reports
Account Manager
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Pro FAQs

Is PartySlate Free?

It is absolutely free to create a PartySlate profile and there is no limit to the number of events or photos you can post. We do offer elevated opportunities to promote your business, build your brand and get your work in front of the clients that you’re trying to reach. If you’d like to learn more, contact us at membership@partyslate.com.

How do I create a company profile?

Creating a profile is fast and easy. Simply register as a pro , fill in your basic company info and begin editing your profile.

Why is PartySlate great for event professionals?

PartySlate is an amazing portfolio tool that allows you to showcase all of your work – not just weddings.
PartySlate allows you to promote your work and business in front of the clients you’re trying to reach.
PartySlate is both SEO and mobile friendly so your work can easily be seen by search engines and mobile devices.
PartySlate can help you network with other pros, build your brand and drive new leads.

Why is PartySlate great for venues?

PartySlate allows you to showcase and promote all of your event spaces.
PartySlate makes it easy to show real events at your venue so people can envision their event in your space.
PartySlate is both SEO and mobile friendly so people can see everything your spaces have to offer.
PartySlate can help you network with other pros, build your brand and drive new leads.

What is the value of a subscription package?

Our subscription plans will help your business get the most out of PartySlate. You can learn more about our subscription plans here* or contact us at membership@partyslate.com and we can tell you more.

How do I get my company or my work featured on PartySlate?

We offer several subscription plans that include various featured placements throughout our site. To learn more about being featured contact membership@partyslate.com

How do I change my password?

Move your mouse over your profile name in the top right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear, select “EDIT MY ACCOUNT.” A box will pop up on the screen, and you can edit your name, email address, and password.
If you’ve forgotten your password click on “Reset Password” in the login screen, and enter your account email address. An email with instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to that email.

Can I add multiple people to one account?

Yes. To add multiple users to one company account please contact support@partyslate.com and include the company name and user(s) you’d like to add.

Can I create a second or third company under the same email address?

If you would like to manage multiple companies from one user email, please contact us at support@partyslate.com and inquire about connecting your company profiles.

How can I remove my company profile?

In order to remove your company profile from PartySlate, you can email us at support@partyslate.com and request that your profile be removed.

How do I know my profile is complete?

In order for your profile to be considered complete and appear in our Find a Pro directory, you must have:

  • Cover photo
  • At least 1 collection with at least 10 photos
  • Company address (at least City, State; full address for venues)

What are Credited Events?

Credited events are events that your company has been credited in by another company on PartySlate.

How can I remove Credited events from my profile?

To make a decision about hiding or removing credited events from your profile, click the “Credited Events” button at the top of the Events category. A window will pop-up and you’ll have the option to “show,” “hide,” or remove events you’ve been credited in.

How do I get a PartySlate badge?

Once your profile is complete you will receive an email with your PartySlate badge information, or you can request your badge by contacting support@partyslate.com.

How do I add a logo/profile picture?

In “edit” mode, click the “Change Icon” button below the icon box, and select a photo to upload from your hard drive.

How do I remove my company logo or cover picture?

Once you upload a logo or cover picture it can only be replaced. If you would like to remove either your logo or cover picture contact support@partyslate.com.

How do I add a video/photo to my profile overview section?

In “edit” mode, a grey box will appear next to your overview text. Either select “Add a Video” or “Upload a Photo.” Based on your choice you will either be prompted to paste a YouTube/Vimeo link or select an image to upload.

How do I edit my company information?

With edit mode turned on, select the “Edit info” button. A window will pop-up and you’ll be able to make changes to your description, location, contact information, and services. When you’re done, click the black “Save” button.

What is the difference between an Event Collection and Gallery Collection?

An event is a collection of photos from one specific event, whereas a gallery collection is more of a montage of photos not from a specific event.

How do I upload a new Event Collection?

In the Events section of your profile, select “Add Event”. A screen will appear where you can drag and drop your High-resolution, JPG or PNG images, or you can select “Upload Photos” to choose pictures from your hard drive. You can also choose “Add photos from DropBox”, and a separate window will prompt you to select pictures from that platform.

How many pictures do I need to include in a collection?

You can include as many pictures to one collection as you’d like, with a minimum of one picture per collection. We recommend 15 - 40 pictures per collection.

What size photos should I upload?

The maximum file size is 50MB per image.

Can my photos have watermarks?

Watermarks can be distracting, and we prefer that all uploaded photographs are free of watermarks. You must give photographer credits in the “Credits” section.

How do I edit a collection that is already created?

To enter collection edit mode, select “Edit” underneath an event/photo collection on your profile.

How do I delete pictures?

To delete a picture, you must be in “Edit” mode in a collection. Once in edit mode you may remove pictures by clicking on “Remove Photo” underneath each picture.

Why do I see a blank square where images should be in my collection?

If you see a black square in place of an image, the image did not upload properly. You can delete the blank image and try re-uploading the original image again.

Do I need to have credits for all of my photos?

For all photos in a collection, you must credit your business. We also request that you include credits for all known vendors involved in specific events, especially the photographer.

How do I add credits to photos?

In “Edit” mode, there are two ways to add credits to photos.

  1. To quickly add the same credits to all photos in a collection simply enter in each vendor in the “Credits” section at the top of the screen.
  2. Next to each image under “Credits” you can add in the Type of Vendor and that vendor’s Name. To add additional vendors, click on the “ADD ANOTHER VENDOR” button.

Note: If the vendor has a profile on PartySlate, their name will appear in a dropdown menu as you type. If they do not have a profile, please include their full company name.

Do I need to tag my photos?

Tagging is not required, however adding tags makes your images more search-friendly on our site.

How do I rearrange the photos in a collection?

To rearrange photos in a collection, click on the “REARRANGE PHOTOS” button at the top right corner of the collection edit screen. A window will pop up where you can drag-and-drop images in the order you prefer. The first image in a collection will be the cover of the collection. Once you’ve rearranged the images be sure to click “Save & Close” to save the new order of your photos.

How do I add additional photos to a collection?

To add additional photos to a collection, click on the “ADD MORE PHOTOS” button at the top of the edit screen and select the images you’d like to add. New photos will be added to the bottom of the collection.

Do I need to include a collection description?

We request that you include a brief description for each collection to provide additional information about a venue space, service details, or a specific event. This description is also good for SEO.

Do I need to include photo descriptions?

Photo descriptions are not required. However, we encourage you to include descriptions so viewers have as much detail about what is happening in your photos as possible. Descriptions are also good for SEO.

How do I become a contributor on The Best Of?

If you would like to become a contributor on The Best Of, send us an email with your ideas at editorial@partyslate.com.

How can I submit my work to be featured on The Best Of editorial section of PartySlate?

If you would like your work to be featured in an article, we encourage you to submit your ideas and beautiful events to us at editorial@partyslate.com.

Promote your best work

With PartySlate, you can create a profile and upload all of your events to reach a wide range of party hosts. From weddings and birthdays to dinner parties and corporate events, upload beautiful high-resolution images of your work and PartySlate will promote it to brides and party hosts looking for pros and venues for their next event.

Venues can showcase all event spaces

Unlike an ordinary listing site, PartySlate allows venues to showcase all of their event spaces — from ballrooms and rootops to gardens and pool decks. Create beautiful photo galleries for every bookable space and we'll serve up those event spaces to brides and party hosts looking for venues for their next event. PartySlate also allows you to display real events that happened at your venue — making it easy for people to envision their event at your space.

Drive new leads

With PartySlate, your extensive portfolio is accessible and searchable by potential clients locally and around the world. Every photo you post links directly to your business profile. Additionally, your partners can credit and link to your profile — creating a powerful network of lead generation for every event professional.

SEO & Mobile Optimized

With PartySlate, your portfolio is also SEO and mobile optimized so you can more easily be seen by search engines and your work can be accessed from mobile devices.

Learn about our membership plans

PartySlate is free to use, but as a member we can help promote your work and your business for you. Get featured placements, receive editorial & social coverage and get white-glove assistance with your profile. Learn more about a PartySlate membership and discover a whole new way to share your work with the world.

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